xxxHOLiC Vol 11 (Ch 124) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to eXeXeX HOLIC for the scans.

Chapter 124

Watanuki finds himself in Yuuko-san’s treasure room with Mokona. He selects the bottle of alcohol Yuuko-san want, which happens to be called Mugetsu, the same as the pipe-fox. He wonders why someone would put wine in a treasure room, which Mokona answers by stating that wine is a treasure. Watanuki notices Kurogane’s sword and Fei’s magic tattoo and he wonders how Syaoran and the others from Tsubasa are doing. He wonders why the 2nd Syaoran paid in advance for his life from the accident along with Himawari-chan and Doumeki-kun.

Seeing Mokona, he wonders aloud how the white Mokona is doing. Black Mokona seems a bit troubled, but responds that its twin is doing its best. Black Mokona also states that the others are doing their best with what they have, as is Watanuki. Watanuki is embarrassed by this and when Mugetsu gets kiss-happy, Mokona has to save the alcohol bottle. It is then that Watanuki sees the plastic replica of the original wand that Sakura-chan from Cardcaptor Sakura had. Watanuki realizing there is a Syaoran and Sakura in his world feels that he’d like to meet them someday.

Meanwhile, Doumeki is holding the egg Yuuko-san has given him for payment and Yuuko-san tells him to keep it close to him at all times. She gives a cryptic warning about not being lost when the moment comes, but an arriving customer interrupts their conversation. Watanuki coming with the food and beverages sees a high school girl in the yard. As the girl meets with Yuuko-san, Watanuki reports to Doumeki that the girl’s seifuku (uniform) is from their school. Yuuko-san assures the girl that her arrival at the shop means she has a wish. Upon being asked what her wish is, the girl responds that her house is scary.


Again, we get a tie-in with Tsubasa and whatever events happened there. However, Watanuki deciding that he’d like to meet the Syaoran-kun and Sakura-chan of his world is what excited me. Since it strongly appears that the world of Cardcaptor Sakura and xxxHOLiC are the same, it would be totally cool to see the couple show up in xxxHOLiC and interact with Watanuki. It has not been stated as to the nature of the relationship between Syaoran and Watanuki, but I have this crazy idea that maybe Syaoran and Sakura are his parents. Hey, in a title like xxxHOLiC and Tsubasa where movement through time and space are possible (on top of everything else), this whacked idea of mine is possible.

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