xxxHOLiC Vol 11 (Ch 123) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to eXeXeX HOLIC for the scans.

Chapter 123

Watanuki is not thrilled to be coming to Yuuko-san’s store with Doumeki, who now can see her place after helping pay for Watanuki’s recovery. However, Yuuko-san requested it so that’s that. Watanuki calms down to ask Doumeki about his loss of blood, which was payment for Watanuki’s life. Doumeki is OK and Watanuki thanks him for his sacrifice. Doumeki attempts to see Watanuki’s face, who is embarrassed by having to thank him.

As Watanuki opens the door to Yuuko-san’s place, the pipe-fox spirit launches itself at Watanuki. It appears mad at Watanuki, which Yuuko-san explains is due to it sulking over not having been named by Watanuki. Since Watanuki named Himawari-chan’s bird, it wants a name too. Watanuki is surprised that the pipe-fox knew of the bird naming and remarks that since the pipe-fox isn’t his, he doesn’t feel right giving it a name. Yuuko-san reminds him of the importance of names and that’s why the pipe-fox wants to be named by the one it loves most.

So, Watanuki names the pipe-fox Mugetsu (which means “moonless) because of the pipe-fox’s eyes when it is big and small. The pipe-fox loves the name, and so Yuuko-san decides to celebrate the naming of Mugetsu. Yuuko-san dispatches Watanuki with the excited Mugetsu to prepare some food which Mokona decides to help as well.

Now alone, Doumeki asks why Yuuko-san summoned him. She has another egg to give him as payment for fetching the water. Watanuki’s egg hatched into the bird Tanpopo for Himawari-chan, but this egg won’t hatch into anything. The egg was not destroyed by the acid rain of the world that Sakura-chan sent it from (in Tsubasa) and when asked what he should do with it, Yuuko-san tells him to hold onto it for what will happen from now on.


So, the pipe-fox got named and Doumeki-kun got paid with the duplicate egg. I’ve got to read the story of what happened in Tsubasa and the egg’s origin. Beyond that, this chapter appears to mostly be setup for something to come and a sweet moment for the pipe-fox.

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