xxxHOLiC Vol 11 (Ch 125) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to eXeXeX HOLIC for the scans.

Chapter 125

The girl from Watanuki’s high school speaks to Yuuko-san. She hears sounds in her house when there’s no one else there. Sometimes things get moved around on their own and sometimes she can feel the presence of people when there’s no one there. Watanuki, spying on the meeting, figures that what the girl is experiencing are ghosts or spirits (youkai?).

Yuuko-san asks about the noises in the home and their location. The girl states that the noises are in nearly all parts of the house, even if she’s not thinking about it. Yuuko-san confirms the girls previous statements and confirms that her wish was that her house was not as frightening. So, Yuuko-san produces a small bell on a kind of lanyard.

At school, Watanuki relays this event to Himawari-chan and Doumeki. The girl is to have the bell on her while in the house but Yuuko-san never stated that the bell would drive away the other noises. Further, Yuuko-san deferred payment until the wish was actually granted. Doumeki remarks that wearing a bell as a talisman is a common practice in certain religions and that it keeps bears away too. Doumeki’s remark irritates Watanuki, but he states that it would be nice if the girl’s house wasn’t scary.

Walking home, a girl runs past him into Yuuko-san’s yard. The girl is there and reports that the bell didn’t work. She stated that the noises got worse with the bell. Yuuko-san then gives the girl another lanyard with two bells on it. The girl is skeptical since she already has a bell, but Yuuko-san states that since the girl’s wish is to be less scary, she should take the bells.


This is kind of a weird story. I’ve no idea where this is going and as such, I really don’t have much to comment on.

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