Negima! Vol 18 (Ch 164) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to AQS for the scans.

Chapter 164

Misora puts on her nuns clothing with the (young looking girl) Cocone. She is chastised by an older nun for not hurrying and cleaning the mess hall. Meanwhile, Negi and his girls race to class as they used to do. Because of Negi’s being a child teacher combined with his results in the tournament, a bevy or reporters are waiting to interview him. Some of the girls comment on Negi’s fame leading Makie to say that Negi won’t forget them no matter how famous he is. In class, things are back to normal, save for “Chao-rin’s” absence. There is some talk about her sudden departure among those who didn’t know the reason and even Negi’s a bit sad.

Misora quietly reflects on how cool she thinks Negi is and wonders why Asuna appears angry. Misora then observes some of Negi’s companions and the changes with them. She observes Mana and how she didn’t know how famous she was in the underworld. She then observes Eva and fearfully remembers the stories told to her about Eva and how her involvement in the School Festival adventure might have made her noticed by Eva.

Ako notices Misora’s facial expression and the two talk. Misora wonders if something is wrong with Ako (who had a date with adult Negi) and suggest going to confessional at her church. Her priest is popular and doesn’t mind if you aren’t Christian. Fumika and Fuka wonder what a confessional is, so Negi-sensei explains it.

Back at the church, Misora and Cocone clean the floors where Misora remarks on feeling worn and wishing she could graduate so she could have some fun. Cocone grabs Misora from behind and clings to her. Misora laughs and promises not to leave Cocone after she graduates because Cocone is her master. It is then that they observe Negi and Asuna in the church courtyard. Asuna is chastising Negi for having only thoughts of his Dad an being like Chao was. Negi leaves and Misora returns to her cleaning with Cocone.

Asuna decides to enter the confessional which Misora happens to be on the other side of, cleaning. Even though she knows she’ll get scolded by Sister Shakti, Misora uses magic to disguise her voice and takes Asuna’s confession. Asuna talks about Negi and his reckless behavior. Asuna is concerned and worried about Negi. Misora asks if Asuna likes Negi. This catches Asuna off guard and she angrily states that Negi is like a little brother to her. Misora states that even a familial love is still love. This leads Asuna to run away, stating she’s not a shoutacon (into young boys).

Yue sees Asuna run off and comes to the confessional where Misora is laughing at what just happened. Misora is interrupted when Yue starts her confession. Misora and Cocone listen to Yue confess she’s attracted to the person her best friend is in love with (Negi). This stuns Misora but before she can say anything, Yue runs out. Misora gets a wicked feeling at the power of using the confessional and wonders which of Yue’s friends Yue talked about. At that time, Nodoka arrives to Cocone’s and Misora’s shock.


It is nice seeing more about Misora and Cocone. Apparently, she’s “doing time” as a nun to be good and it seems to me, pay off some sort of debt. However, as this chapter shows, being good sometimes if very difficult indeed. Still, while not deep, it was a fun chapter.

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