xxxHOLiC Vol 11 (Ch 126) *SPOILERS*

Chapter 126

At school, Watanuki and Himawari-chan are carrying printouts and discussing Yuuko-san’s recent client, who’s a first-year student at their high school. They see the girl briefly in her gym class as they drop off the papers. Watanuki asks Himawari-chan out and she bails by saying she has other plans. However, he presses (nicely) stating that if she can’t put off her plans, then so be it, but if she can, he’d like to take her out. The moment is ruined when Doumeki arrives and makes a suggestion about a place to go. Watanuki takes the papers the rest of the way, leaving Himawari-chan and Doumeki-kun alone. She reflects on how Watanuki has found her out and Doumeki suggest going.

Watanuki returns home in good spirits, having gifts from where he, Himawari-chan, and Doumeki visited. He notices that Maru and Moro are not around and Yuuko-san states they are sleeping. Watanuki reflects that he hasn’t seen them in a while and decides to put on some tea after a standard banter with Yuuko-san about her drinking habits.

Mokona inquires of Yuuko-san about the status of Maru and Moro. Yuuko-san confirms they are asleep as they are the ones who keep the shop in place. While within the shop, they can do what they want but if they are asleep, it means they are focused on nothing but keeping the shop in place. Mokona remarks on the danger this implies and Yuuko-san states that the shop was set up for the things that are about to happen. As such, she can’t let it break. Mokona knows that Maru and Moro are doing their best because they like Watanuki, something Yuuko-san agrees with.

As Watanuki brings a tray to Yuuko-san, he discovers the high school girl there, holding the bells and looking very angry.


I’m not sure if the condition with Maru and Moro is related to the events in Tsubasa or a reflection of something that’s about to happen in xxxHOLiC. Still, it is neat learning the purpose of Maru and Moro after all this time.

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