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Kanon 24 — Some time has passed since episode 23. Akiko-san has completely recovered (a miracle) and even made new jam. At school, Kitagawa and Kaori discuss Akiko-san’s infamous jam with Yuuichi and Nayuki. Kaori has news for Yuuichi and that is that Shiori has returned to school, having completely recovered from her illness (a miracle). At lunch, Yuuichi once again eats with Mai and Sayuri, who’ve also recovered from their injuries in a much faster manner than anticipated (miracle). Both girls are preparing for college but will have to be ronin for a year before going to college. After school, Yuuichi has coffee with Akiko-san and learns that Ayu is alive but is in a comma in the hospital. Time passes and Yuuichi visits Ayu every day as well as the other girls. It is Shiori who wonders if Ayu’s final wish was for Yuuichi to be happy, which lead to the miracles around him. It is Mai who tells Yuuichi to find Ayu because she’s still waiting, and after a lengthy search, he finds her red headband. Time passes and Ayu has come out of her comma. She has to get around in a wheelchair but Yuuichi is there for her and assures her that one day she’ll be able to run again.

I didn’t bawl for this Kanon as I did the 2002 one, but it was still an emotional title. My only regret is that episode 24 feels a little rushed. There’s no payoff scene of Ayu waking up. Amano only gets a non-speaking cameo. However, the other girls are shown nicely and I liked how they all helped with Ayu. The writers didn’t use Mai for the magical recovery which was nice. And having Ayu in a wheelchair at the end was a nice touch. Should the series come to the U.S., I’d buy it.

Honey and Clover II 05 — Miwako approves Yamada’s latest works for Fujiwara Design and hears of other places Yamada has done work for thanks to Rika-san. With Rika-san in Spain, Yamada has noticed that something has changed in the relationship between Rika-san and Mayama. Miwako has noticed this as well and arranges to wear Yamada out by taking a trip to a luxury spa-resort (complete with giant indoor baths). Yamada crashes at Miwako’s home and is there when Nomiya calls. Nomiya is annoyed when Miwako states that Yamada must mean a lot to Mayama. Back at school, Takemoto has spent all his money on getting a driver’s license (which are expensive in Japan) and is angry with Morita for stealing his ¥100 bread crusts. Hagu-chan offers him a steamed bun, but Morita eats that as well right out of Hagu-chan’s hands, leading to Hagu-chan getting upset and Hanamoto-sensei to punish the squabbing Takemoto and Morita. Morita then gets another mysterious job from his older brother while Mayama feeds Takemoto, then the two head for a public bath. Finally, Yamada is at Fujiwara Design waiting for Miwako’s return when Nomiya arrives instead.

As JSM reminded me, humor is such a key component to what would otherwise be a major angst-filled anime. There’s plenty of good humor here. On the serious side, hearing Mayama’s plans for the future as well as Takemoto’s actions for the future are nice elements. And it appears that Yamada may finally abandon her feelings for Mayama in favor of Nomiya (whom I still don’t like).

Honey and Clover II 06 — Morita-san sleeps and remembers life as a child with his father and brother. His father owned an electronics business and created a tiny robot to show his children. Takemoto works on a new creation while Hagu-chan is depressed in the library, pondering the shortness of life as it relates to her dreams, and apparently pondering being a couple with Morita-san. Hanamoto-sensei arrives and gives her some words. Meanwhile the Fujiwara Design gang have gathered and after looking at a magazine showing an uncomfortable Rika-san being embraced by the Spanish architect Mac Carlos, they discuss her “SOS” to Mayama and his reaction to it. Yamada even arrives to give some advice. She leaves and is followed by Nomiya. Hanamoto-sensei tries to get Morita to speak with Hagu-chan, but he refuses while Morita’s brother reflects on their father and their goal to buy back his old business. Sometime later, Takemoto, Yamada, and Hagu-chan discuss taking a trip to the beach since Takemoto now has a license. Initially Hanamoto-sensei objects to this (since his car was volunteered) but then suggest that when Mayama returns from Spain in a month, they can all go. In the end, Takemoto tells us the group never took that beach trip.

Not a lot of humor this time. It was very interesting finally learning the purpose of Morita’s jobs (and I think this is the first time we’ve ever seen his thoughts). I guess there’s no stopping the Yamada-Nomiya pairing, but I still don’t like it. Ditto the apparent choice of Hagu-chan to favor Morita over Takemoto. I would have thought them to be a good pairing, but like in real life, people choose others (for good or ill). We’ll see if that relationship gets pursued (somehow I suspect not, but I don’t think Takemoto will win either). Right now, the only really happy-seeming person is Mayama who got to hook up with his love last episode and is going to Spain to be with her again.

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