Negima! Vol 18 (Ch 166) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to AQS for the scans!

Chapter 166

Student #6, ŌKŌCHI Akira, heads to the large indoor onsen-styled bath and has a relaxing swim in the warm water. She runs into Negi, who’s lost in thought looking at his mage-ring. She’s surprised, but then teases him a bit about being ecchi. Other girls arrive and spot Negi, with Asuna wondering if he actually bathed and washed his hair. Some of the girls have coupons to give Negi a full wash, and this they do, causing Negi to lose his ring, which he cannot find.

At class the next day, Asuna again has trouble with the English translation and Eva gives Negi a look. She notices his ring missing and asks about it, but he plays it off. After leaving her, Negi is depressed about losing the ring and as he passes the school pool, Akira notices this. Later she catches up to Negi and buys him a cold, canned beverage. As they walk, Negi explains that he lost his ring. She wonders if it is a ring signifying he and Eva are a couple, which he denies, imagining Eva in punishment mode. Akira agrees to help him find the ring.

They search the bath area and the entire bath itself. Some of the girls arrive for their bath and Akira asks Yuuna about the ring. Yuuna has it, but rather than give it to Negi, she decides to play keep-away. Other girls get in on the act and when Misora gets the ring, she races across the surface of the bath, but Negi keeps up with her. She activates her artifact and easily gets away from Negi, ultimately leaping high into the air. She’s met in the air by a non-to-happy Akira who forces her into the water below. She then inflicts water punishment on Yuuna and the other girls who played keep-away. After a moment of triumph, she calms down and gives Negi the ring. So in his class register, he notes Akira as a nice and very strong person, the later which gives Akira a shock.


Almost no text was in this chapter and I absolutely loved it. Yeah, it was all filler, but it was good, fun filler. It was nice to get an Akira chapter though, with a nifty Chachazero cameo (Man, is she a scene stealer or what?).

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