Negima! Vol 18 (Ch 167) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to AQS for the scans.

Chapter 167

Nekane listens to the latest letter from Negi. Anya comes up and sees the enclosed photos, which are all of girls. Informing them that he plans to return home during the summer break, Anya begins combing her hair, which leads to some teasing from Nekane.

Back in Japan, Konoka has prepared breakfast and informs Asuna that Negi has left for school early. Asuna had wanted to apologize for an event that had happened. Meanwhile, Negi is at school working hard on his class report. After a chat with Shizuna-sensei, Negi is in class where he gives the class a pop quiz. The class’s grades have dropped, but they are excited about their 2nd place prize for the school festival attraction. After Negi gives a talk about studies, girls in the class remark on how far Negi has come as a teacher. After Negi asks the Baka Rangers to stay after class, the girls decide to study hard.

At Eva’s resort, Negi is again in training as he battles Chachamaru, Chachazero, and Eva. While he loses, Eva compliments him on lasting a full 60-seconds. Negi is stunned by the rare praise and Eva states they’ll add some practical applications to the training. However, she warns him not to get excited because things are about to get tougher. Kotaro, Kaede, and Kū Fei arrive on scene and Eva suggests Kotaro and Negi battle as practice, which they do.

A few days later, all of the Baka Rangers, sans Asuna, are doing well. Negi assures Asuna she is getting better though. As the two walk home after the extra session, Asuna apologizes for what she said to him days earlier. Negi states she didn’t have to apologize, who thinks that she may have spoken the truth about him seeing only his father Nagi. Despite everything, he can’t stop chasing his father and has decided that he will go to Wales during the summer break and may never return. As such, he asks Asuna to come with him as his partner.


There’s some texture stuff here (the class grades) and stuff, but Akamatsu-sensei is setting up the next big arc — the Summer Vacation arc. Negi’s training at Eva’s resort shows his continued progress there. I wonder if Eva will somehow get to come to Wales, but there is the curse to consider. Negi certainly learned his lesson by coming to Asuna and asking her to come with him to Wales though.

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