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A year ago, I finished watching the DVD release of an anime called Mahou Shoujo Tai Alice (aka: Teeny Witches and you can read my review here), which while a bit kiddy and preachy for my tastes, I did rather enjoy it and thought it would make a good show for girls (how about it, FUNimation?). While I only gave the show a “rent,” I did like it enough that I would have continued watching should more that 40 episodes have been made.

Well, I guess things were pretty good for the series (with the DVD release being widescreen and merging the each 12-minute episode into a single event, and having an interesting and beautiful intro added showing the males and females of this planet in times past) because Anime News Service is reporting that there’s going to be a sequel created.

4-19-07 (10:17PM EDT)—- ANS Exclusive First Look: New Mahou Shoujo Tai Alice Animation Continuing the “excavation” of our loot pile from the Tokyo International Film Festival 2007, we uncovered an image containing news of yet another new animation decision announcement that has seemingly escaped wider acknowledgement. Tucked away in the corner of a B&W promotional flyer for TOHOKUSHINSHA FILM CORPORATION is a block mentioning a new Mahou Shoujo Tai anime is forthcoming in 2007 from original creator Amemiya Keita (Iria / Zeiram) and STUDIO 4C. The duo came together in 2004 / 2005 to produce the original 40 episode “tweeny witch” TV series of the same name. In an extremely odd twist for television production there, the voice cast laid down their vocal tracks prior to the actual animation completion. The new extra chapter work is being tentatively titled “THE ADVENTURE”. Scheduled for six episodes, the storyline will differ from the serious nature of the TV seires, presenting more laid back comical elements and a look at the daily life of the main characters. Amemiya-san first hinted at a sequel series in the summer of 2005 attaching a scheduled March, 2007 debut to it. Character designer Daisuke Nakayama mentioned on his blog in November, 2006 that a 2 year production period had wrapped and agreements were being negotiated for Japanese TV broadcast at that time. Release schedule remains unknown as of this writing.

So that’s pretty cool if a sequel is indeed going to happen. I know I’d certainly enjoy a trip back. Indeed, seeing this news blurb (and thanks to ANS for telling folks this with their exclusive), it is tempting for me to want to re-watch the original series.

BTW, check out this nifty image from the end of the intro sequence on the DVD release (it appears in front of every episode). I really have to look at getting the soundtrack for this anime.

Update: an OVA series WAS created entitled Mahou Shoujo Tai Alice: The Adventure and was 6-episodes in length. Media Blasters pre-licensed it when they grabbed the TV series.

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