Hayate no Gotoku 09

Summary: Seeing safely in the hands of her bodyguards to take her home, Nagi longs for Isumi to stay one more night because who knows if they’ll get to see each other again. This prompts Isumi to remind Nagi that they can see each other at school, something Nagi avoids. So, Hayate makes it his mission to get Nagi to school. She’s not pleased by this, but remembers that Hayate is a high school-aged student who can no longer attend school. So she goes, even if she doesn’t like it.

Back home, Hayate is working and Tama remarks on how quite things are when Nagi isn’t around. Hayate observes that things would be quieter still if the tiger didn’t talk.

Towards the end of the day, Nagi is complaining about school and not paying attention to where she’s walking. She’s stopped by Isumi from walking into the old, abandoned school building.

That evening, Nagi has forgotten her notebook at school, so Hayate rushes to get it. At the school gates, he’s again attacked by Yukiji-sensei who didn’t know who he was at first. Letting him into the school, we learn that Yukiji-sensei is actually living there to save on rent. Not only that, but members of the student council (Chairman SEGAWA Izumi, Vice-chairman HANABISHI Miki, & disciplinary committe member ASAKAZE Risa) are at the very least spending the night with Yukiji-sensei for a study session. As they talk, they continue to address him as “Hayate-kun,” even though he repeatedly asks them to just address him as “Hayate.”

Yukiji-sensei gives him the key to access Nagi’s class and comments on his courage to enter the west wind at this late hour. As he takes off, they ask him to be sure and defeat some Japanese and American horror icons should they appear. Hayate figures they are playing with him, but finds himself in the old building rather than Nagi’s building. A cell phone call from Nagi scares him, but he’s relieved to hear Nagi’s voice (who was genuinely worried about him) until she tells him she can hear voices in the background and the phone connection is lost and he falls through the floor.

Back and Yukiji-sensei’s room, the girls figure that since its taking so long for Hayate to return, maybe he’s doing something perverted to Hina-chan’s things (Yukiji’s little sister and president of the Student Council). Hina comes in and she’s not happy with the topic of conversation. As Nagi learns from Maria-san about the haunted nature of the old building at the mansion, Hina learns from her friends about Hayate possibly getting lost in the old building and goes to find him as she’s not scared of ghosts.

She says that, but finds herself scared just the same, more so when she sees ghostly shapes and as she runs, a voice asking her questions. Hayate hears her scream and Hina discovers who’s been talking to her — a science mannequin. Hayate rescues her, and Hina warns Hayate not to tell anyone she was scared. Further, she’s determined to get to the bottom of this ghost business and as Hayate keeps addressing her as “Katsura-san,” she insists he address her as Hinagiku (her full given name).

As they go through the old building, the mannequin returns and ends up addressing Hayate as “Hayate-sama.” Remembering Isumi and her miko powers, he realizes that Isumi must have a reason to want them to leave and attempts to get Katsura-san to leave. She is stuborn and wants to battle the mannequin. Even when the mannequin transforms into something more (looking a bit like a form of Naraku from Inuyasha), Hina isn’t afraid, but the mannequin explodes and Hayate convinces her that her ki (chi) did it. As they leave, Isumi and her guards go to work to exorcise the building while Hina finally gets Hayate to stop calling her “Katsura-san” and call her “Hinagiku-san.”

With that, Hayate returns home to a relieved Nagi complete with her notebook.

Thoughts: More Hayate goodness. I’m not up on Japanese horror, so I didn’t catch the Japanese names that were beeped out, but Jason and Freddy’s names came through. Yes, even the Japanese know who Freddy and Jason are. Ayumu keeps getting cameos (I only know her name by looking it up) so I guess she’ll have some kind of importance at a later date. It was a fun episode that I enjoyed a lot.

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