Negima! Vol 19 (Ch 170) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to AQS for the scans.

Summary: When Eva learns the name of the club to search for Negi’s farther is “The Negima Club,” she is unimpressed. She sees the reason of the club — getting some funds on the sly so that they can go to Wales, but she finds it pointless. Asuna counters by reminding Eva of her own desire to find Nagi. Since the curse prevents her from doing so, they’ll go in her stead. As such, she agrees to take the job of Honorary Adviser providing that the club give her all information they find on Nagi.

The first thing the new club does is establish its club room at Eva’s resort. Things have changed since Asuna was last there as in addition to the resort globe in Eva’s home, there are other globes with different settings which Eva has used for Negi’s training. As such, the group goes to Lebenschilt Castle (rather than Eva’s resort) which resides in a jungle setting. They are greeted by Chachamaru and immediately decide to explore the other regions such as the desert and icy wasteland. Back at the jungle, Ku Fei and Paru rush to take a jungle batch to the annoyance of Eva. When Asuna laughs, Eva looks the other way.

Later, Negi and Kotaro arrive from a training session. Negi is pleased to see Asuna and the other girls of Negi’s group are working on completing their summer homework. Taking a break for tea, the girls decide that maybe they should do some training as well. Asuna is amazed by this large castle, which brings a response from Eva. She states that the castle was built in the “dark lands” in the 19th century and later moved to its present location. However, Eva ends her story and then again turns from Asuna.

As Asuna and Setsuna-san train, Asuna remarks on Eva’s behavior toward her. Setsuna feels there’s nothing wrong and compliments Asuna who has the ability to nullify magic, the ability to use kankahou, well above average eyesight, the ability to run at bicycle speeds, power in her fists, and of course, the artifact harisen which can send summoned demons back to where they came. Setsuna feels that Asuna could become more powerful than all of them as they continue to train.

Yue, Nodoka, Paru, and Konoka arrive all dressed in maid outfits from Chachamaru’s older sister. Paru is impressed by everything she’s seen and understands a bit why people once feared Eva as a powerful, evil mage. She’s glad for Asuna’s idea, as are the others who are able to get their homework done within the magic confines of the globe, thereby freeing up their summer in the real world.

Konoka feels they should pick a club president and and everyone else agrees. She’s embarrassed a bit, but agrees to take the job until Eva steps in (wearing glasses) and votes against Asuna. She challenges Asuna, calling her all talk with her idea of protecting Negi. Asuna accepts Eva’s challenge, which is that she has to land a punch on Negi in fifteen minutes. Asuna feels this is very easy and Negi isn’t so sure about this test. Eva silences him, and warns him to be serious about it.

Asuna activates her kanka ability and summons her harisen, feeling confident that she’ll be able to score a hit. For her to protect Negi, she mustn’t lose. However, Negi is on her in a flash and disarms her. He stops, bringing Eva’s anger out, who reminds him that Chachamaru didn’t go easy on him and he can’t go easy on Asuna (plus, with Konoka there, she can heal any injuries Asuna may suffer). As such, Negi throws Asuna quite a distance with Eva telling him not to stop until Asuna says she gives up. Asuna gets up, but Negi is too powerful, even without using magic. As such, at the end of fifteen minutes, Asuna is beaten. Eva belittles her, stating that Asuna really is just all talk.

Thoughts: Eva, the Doll Master, dressed up like a doll is just funny to me. There’s something about a powerful, evil vampire in child form dressed up like a fancy doll which cracked me up. I suspect Akamatsu-sensei must feel the same (or else, he finds her so cute this way, he couldn’t help himself). As to Asuna, she has been able to score hits on Eva in the past (though to be fair, Eva wasn’t really expecting them) but Negi’s training has him able to fight quite well, as he moves to become a combat mage. It will be interesting to see what Eva ultimately has in store for Asuna.

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