Hayate no Gotoku 13

SPOILER Summary: Hayate is polishing a glass and wonders what Nishizawa-san is doing. In town, she sneezes and checks out several eating places before settling on an empty one to fill up on deserts. She wonders what Hayate is doing which causes him to sneeze back at the mansion. He remembers the events of episode 12 and wonders why after Nishizawa’s confession, he thought of Nagi.

A delivery for Nagi arrives. Delivering it to Nagi, he finds her lying on a couch reading a manga in an un-lady-like way. He has her sit up properly and figures with his hands full dealing with Nagi, he has no time for a girlfriend. The papers in the package are a transfer form so that Hayate can officially transfer to Nagi’s school. Nagi states that should he pass the entrance exam, she’ll pay his way as thanks. Hayate is so touched by this that he starts crying, much to Nagi’s amazement. Maria-san comes in and wonders what Nagi has done to make Hayate cry so.

Klaus enters and informs Hayate that he has to pass the entrance exam or else lose his job as butler. Nagi isn’t happy about that, but Hayate accepts the challenge. Unfortunately, the exam is the following day, meaning Hayate has little time for study. However, he makes the best of his time and studies hard. Maria brings him some sandwiches and tells him he should get a good nights rest if he’s to be at his best on the following day. Hayate decides that’s a good idea and so heads to bed.

Unfortunately, Klaus is in Hayate’s bed. It takes some doing, but Hayate manages to get Klaus out of the bed. Klaus tells Hayate that he wants him to do well on the test, which Hayate doesn’t believe. Klaus tells a tale of himself as a young child (with his current head) taking an entrance exam (for kindergarten?). Hayate finds himself having nodded off at his desk, and so returning to his bed, finds Klaus there again. This time, he gives Klaus the boot out of his room and down the hall.

Finally getting to bed, Hayate worries about the exam only to find Tama is sitting at his desk with one of the study materials and talking out loud. Tama offers to tell Hayate what the Hakuou’s school exam style and questions are like. Hayate refuses, attacking Tama and giving him the boot as he’d done with Klaus. Hayate barricades his door and attempts to go back to sleep. However, Tama sneaks in through the ceiling. He starts telling Hayate to sleep well which causes Hayate to toss the tiger out of the window.

The next morning, an exhausted Hayate walks with Nagi at the school. They take the trolley (because the campus is so large) and find Hayate wonders what the exam will be like. Nagi suspects it will be like any other school’s exam, but since Hayate is reading a Moe-tan manga, she privately wonders if he’ll pass. They hear a female voice talking to them about the exam and discover Katsura-sensei up on the ceiling of the trolley car, ninja-style. She tells them that Hayate’s exam won’t be like Nagi’s, but will be the Redmond-style exam to test Hayate’s logic and stuff (like while is a manhole cover round).

Katsura-sensei leads them to the exam room where there is a banana hanging from a string, a wooden crate, and a wooden staff. Hayate is shocked and Nagi gets ticked. Katsura-sensei gets a comedy dump of manga and anime, but states this test is for real. Hayate simply reaches for the banana and takes it, figuring the other elements were a distraction. After taking the banana, he notices a large group of hungry monkeys in the corner.

A fight ensues between the monkeys and Hayate over the banana. Nagi and Katsura-sensei observe this fight for a bit when Nagi informs Katsura-sensei that Hayate’s life depends on passing the exam. Katsura-sensei decides to end her little joke, which does not amuse Hayate. So now Hayate has to take the exam mentally and physically exhausted. He finished the exam and walks home with Nagi hand-in-hand, Nagi sure he’s passed. However, Hayate failed by 1 point because of Katsura-sensei’s joke.

Thoughts: This was another pretty funny episode. There was a fair amount of recap done to have us recall Nishizawa-san and a whole scene of what I’d deem as filler with her checking out various eating joints before settling on the one. But once the story got to Hayate needing to pass the entrance exam and then needing to get some sleep that night, it got funny and Nishizawa was forgotten.

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3 Responses to “Hayate no Gotoku 13”

  1. Hughroe says:

    Good episode, but I feel for Hayate and Nagi, so now the wait for the next one.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    You know, I’m a big fan of romance stuff. However, I’m not sure how I feel about it for this title. I’ve rather enjoyed the wacky comedic stuff and so when the early part of the episode touched on the romantic triangle, it left me feeling uncertain.

    We’ll see how it all gets pulled off though. Not having read the manga, I’ve no idea how things will work out next episode, but I do look forward to it. ^_^

  3. Hughroe says:

    I’m looking forward to the next episode as well. And as in the manga it’s still winter break, all these school episodes are new territory.

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