Pumpkin Scissors 24

SPOILER Summary: As an exhausted Alice squares off against the leader of the commoners, a frightened Marquis Paul steps in and tells Alice she hasn’t finished the duel since he was a part of it. Since she’s used up a lot of energy, he tells her she can have a substitute, so she chooses the leader of the revolt.

Their fight isn’t long with the commoner punching Paul in the face and Paul basically begging for his life. He is crying and the other male nobles step in to apologize. The leader of the revolt isn’t satisfied but once the tears are flowing all over, the revolt is officially over.

Alice begins to do what Alice does in these situations, but Martis (Machs) and Oreldo (Oreld) use their new authority from the orders given by Captain Hunks (and delivered by Mer-kun) to stop her. After all, she is at the ball in her role as a noble and not as the 2nd Lieutenant of Pumpkin Scissors. Section III will arrest the commoners for destruction of property, but they’ll only be able to hold them for three days and thus protect them. Alice is not convinced, but Oland stops her, telling her she’s lost and he smiles. Oreldo confirms that Section I will have them on the 4th day and the torture will begin.

Marquis Hoost, the host of the ball, steps in saying he has influence over important people in the military and three days will be enough to get things done so that the commoners won’t be touched. Hoost then gets down on one knee to the commoners which shocks the nobles. The commoners celebrate and love and peace breaks out all over.

Leonir summons the leader of the revolt outside and ends up challenging him to a duel after remembering how Alice fought her duel. The leader is not happy with this, but Leonir tells him that Hoost won’t be able to protect him even if he protects everyone else. So, before the leader can fire his pistol, Leonir slashes the man’s wrist, then kills him. The masked man and companion from Silver Wheel arrive to take Leonir away. In the carriage, Hoost is there and Leonir thanks him for preserving the script they had set with his actions. Leonir sees in Alice an opponent worthy of his time and wonders how the country will change due to their actions.

Back at the ball, Oland tells Alice that she should rely on Martis, Oreldo, and himself. Alice acts offended since she states that Oland betrayed her when he was supposed to watch her back. Instead, he went along with Martis and Oreldo. She rushes to a nearby table with Oland close behind while Alice’s sisters observe. She takes a sip of wine to her sister’s chagrin and quickly afterward collapses back into Oland’s arms, proving she still trusts him to guard her back.

The following day at Section III HQ, Alice acts unamused at what happened to Oland’s uniform (he’s having to wear a military jacket issued from his previous unit). Stekkin states that they haven’t been able to get a new uniform for him and Oreldo reminds Alice there aren’t many uniforms in Oland’s size. Alice tells Oland (with a smile) that he must wear the Pumpkin Scissors uniform.

Thoughts: Awww, wasn’t it so wonderful that all these nobles who were laughing at Alice moments before are now all weepy and the commoners are all forgiving. I wanted to sing some song about joining hands and stuff. Ugh! Of course, I have to remember this is a shounen title, so things like this ending were to be expected (and the end took way to long in getting there).

As to Leonir, I figured he was the one the masked guy from Silver Wheel was referring to in his “lion” speech.

As to the series as a whole, clearly things are in place for a sequel to pick up all the unresolved story threads.

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