Negima!? 18

SPOILER Summary: Motsu and Shichimi come across Nekane and wonder if she’s going to ask them what she always asks them as the Black Rose Baron. Nekane doesn’t seem to know what they are talking about. Meanwhile, Setsuna and Konoka are talking with Takahata-sensei, who knew the identity of the Black Rose Baron all along and they’ve decided that the class won’t reveal that they know Nekane’s alternate identity. Elsewhere, Eva is having a similar conversation with Negi. They will wait for Nekane to make her move as to why she’s using the disguise.

At dinner, Asuna decides to get closer to Nekane and brings up the Black Rose Baron to the classes’ dismay. She doesn’t take Setsuna and Konoka’s warning seriously, so they appeal to Takahata-sensei as the only one who could bring Asuna under control because she used to have a crush on him. Of course, she’s moved on to other things, her current interest being the giant Bonge-Bonge, which Eva and Takahata call “Catherine.” Setsuna decides she needs to write this down in a memo to herself.

Asuna and Negi come to the Night Duty room, which Nekane has turned into her old room from Wales. Asuna starts looking around, but is soon called away with Negi by Konoka. They ditch her in the courtyard where Takahata-sensei is waiting. She slaps the tar out of him, but turns out it was a fly she was trying to kill. Takahata tries to set a mood, but Asuna is only interested in discussing Nekane.

Mission 2 is to get Asuna distracted by the Bonge-Bonge and after tying her in bed, they try to find it without success. Before, it wandered around constantly. Now, nothing. So, its time to try to get her distracted with the Chupacabra. That creature doesn’t exist in this world, so Konoka has ordered a Mechacabra from Hakase. Its up to Negi to drive it. However, its never been tested before and the first test ends in an explosion of fireworks, forcing Negi to parachute back to the ground.

Asuna has escaped her bonds and while a parachuting Negi attempts to warn her of the Darkness, its too late. An alarm is raised and while Nekane heads to the bathroom, the girls with her head outside. Negi attempts to activate Setsuna and Konoka’s powers, but draws Suka worthless cards instead. Only Nodoka, Yue, and Paru attempt to actually save Asuna, but in the end, the Black Rose Baron has to save Asuna. The Baron dispatches most of the Darkness, leaving the last to Negi.

A grateful Asuna ruses up to the Baron and the girls think that she’s going to let the Baron know that they know its really Akane. Instead, Asuna wants to borrow the Baron’s costume which it seems was her only interest in the Baron from the get-go. The Baron agrees to consider it.

Thoughts: I just realized, there hasn’t been near enough Chachazero in this anime.

Motsu’s “…in a good way” catch phrase kept getting ‘borrowed’ by others to his annoyance. It wasn’t so much funny, but I did find it amusing somehow. However, the funniest moment to me was Setsuna suddenly needed to take a memo about the Bonge-Bonge. I don’t know why that made me laugh so, but it did.

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