Negima!? 19

SPOILER Sumary: Negi is teaching class in the magic world, which his class finds strange since they should be trying to escape this world. Nekane has also joined the class and because she forgot her homework, looks for a traditional Japanese school punishment to inflict upon herself.

Elsewhere, Eva and Takahata-sensei are dressed in tea ceremony clothing with Chachamaru to eat their instant ramen and having an argument over how long to let the noodles sit in hot water when Negi arrives to let them know that the entire class turned into suka form. In suka form, the girls are all like very little girls meaning Negi has to babysit until they return to normal form. This results in Negi’s staff being broken among other things. Force to assist are Eva and and Chachamaru with Nekane also helping. Motsu gets some abuse from the suka girls and Nekane gets Negi to have some fun.

At day’s end, all the girls return to normal to observe a worn out Negi. Of course then that evening, Chachamaru, Eva, and Nekane turn into suka mode.

Thoughts: The OP theme was three minutes in length. Egad! I knew we’d have a “filler” episode for sure (not that the whole series hasn’t been a sort of filler). Motsu is about the only real funny part of the title at this point.

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