Record of Lodoss War (TV) 25

SPOILER Summary: As the hero group enters Conquera, Wagnard’s incredibly long ceremony to release Kardis continues with Neese unable to do anything but be trapped in her own mind as Naneel awakens there. The heroes stop to discuss where Neese might be when Ashram comes with Pirotess. Parn has to fight Ashram no matter what, so Spark’s party leaves while Parn and Ashram have a fight, leaving Deed and Pirotess to fight while Maar and Hobb stand around and watch.

Ashram reveals his plans to evacuate Marmo to get his people away from that cursed island filled with monsters and that the only reason they invaded Lodoss was to have a home of their own. Hearing this, Parn decides not to make a finishing blow on Ashram and vice-versa. With that, Ashram and Pirotess leave and Parn’s party discuss the matter for a while until Hobb and Maar leave to follow Ashram as his battles are just beginning while Parn’s are ending.

Spark’s party enters the throne room and discuss things for a bit before looking for clues to gain access to where Neese is. Fortunately, the power coming from Kardis reveals it to be under the floor, and so one throne removal later, hidden stairs are revealed and down the party goes. The arrive at the ceremony site, just in time to see Wagnard’s appearance change from the power of Kardis and Neese be taken over by Naneel so that now Neese looks like Naneel.

Thoughts: You got to love it when everyone just stands around bloviating for a while even though time is pressing, and then do it again, and again. And of course, personal revenge comes before anything else, even if the whole world is destroyed. Then stand around and discuss it for a while as Kardis is being brought back.

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