Record of Lodoss War (TV) 26

SPOILER Summary: As Wagnard presses through the pain to complete the extraordinarily long sequence of spells to bring back Kardis, the Grey Witch Karla also begins casting the same spells. The group tries to stop Wagnard but of course fail with Spark nearly getting killed by a death spell. So while Leylia, Slayn, and Aldo go to take care of Karla, Spark and the rest go for Wagnard. Spark is going to be the decoy to allow Garrack to take Wagnard, but Garrack becomes the decoy and allows Wagnard to cast a death spell at him while Spark gets his sword into Wagnard.

At Karla’s location, the trio is held captive as she continues her spell casting after informing them that she cares nothing for “good” or “evil,” only balance and that right now, only Kardis can restore that balance. She can’t be killed because Karla actually inhabits the circlet and not the woman, so killing the female body of the hero from many, many years before wouldn’t solve the problem. The circlet must be removed. Parn and Deed arrive and Deed casts a spell at Karla, which is rebuffed. She continues her spell casting and Parn removes the circlet in time.

Wagnard dies and Karla’s hold on Leylia, Slayn, and Aldo is released. Neese returns to normal, and there is mourning for Garrack, who’s dead. Unfortunately, the woman who’d been Karla somehow finishes the spell for Kardis, making everything return as it was, sans Wagnard. Now Naneel has full control over Neese’s body and releases a flood of death spells that begin slaying human and creature alike.

Thoughts: I love how a charging melee fool attacking a wizard somehow manages to pause long enough to let the evil wizard get off a killing spell. Yeah. That’s the ticket. But the, someone had to die, didn’t they? I also love those moments where fools stand around and that “it’s over…PSYCHE!”

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