Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 27

Lord of Lords Ryu Knight 27

SPOILER Summary:

Adeu can’t beat Galden, even with Ryu Paladin Lord Zephyr, the Crushing Dawn attack is not enough. Adeu re-transforms to Ryu Knight to Ryu Paladin and launches the attack he saw his dad perform to defeat a Jya-ryuzoku — Meteor Zapper. However, Galden is easily able to take the attack. Adeu is frustrated and as Galden presses his attack, Ryu Paladin flees by turning into a ball of energy and flying away. The leaves Izumi and Paffy vulnerable, but Galden decides to pursue Adeu instead.

While Galden searches for Adeu, Adeu has been pulled inside the Ryu Knight Zephyr card. There, he sees a knight battling a Jya-ryuzoku warrior, but without the aid of a Ryu mecha unit. The giant, humanoid dragon and the human knight in full armor battle and the knight defeats his opponent with a Meteor Blade attack. Adeu recognizes the attack as one just like Meteor Zapper and asks the knight to train. After stating his purpose, the knight asks about the purpose of fighting, Adeu says its to defeat ones opponent. So, the knight states he’ll train Adeu providing he can defeat an opponent.

Unfortunately for Adeu, he has not one opponent, but three. Further complicating matters is the fact that his opponents are his allies and friends, namely Sarutobi, Gratches, and Gesshin. Adeu doesn’t want to fight them, but the knight doesn’t want to hear any excuses. Sarutobi, Gratches, and Gesshin continue to attack Adeu and laugh at his weakness. He gets angry and manages to get the best of Gesshin. The knight demands he kill his opponent since the purpose of battle is to defeat one’s foes. Adeu refuses, so the knight takes on the job, forcing Adeu to defend them. The knight defeats Adeu, but since Adeu was ready to give up his life to save his friends, the knight is ready to give him the answer Adeu seeks. The knight is shown to be Adeu’s father Rasa, who tells Adeu that the Ryu will lend its power to those who put their friends and comrades first, and that the first step of power is the Meteor Zapper attack. In the real world, the Ryu Knight card activates and Adeu returns to the scene of the battle to find Galden.

Meanwhile, Izumi and Paffy have found the real Sarutobi, Gratches, and Gesshin. Izumi begins healing them when Galden appears. Paffy summons Ryu Mage Magidora but is quickly defeated by the superior Dark Knight unit. Before Galden can kill them, Adeu arrives to save the day. Galden presses his attack on Adeu, but Adeu is finally able to launch a successful Meteor Zapper attack that appears to destroy Dark Knight along with Galden. Paffy comes to and Izumi realizes what happened as the group rushes to greet Adeu.


It is tradition in shounen titles that with the version up of your weapon, you have to then be taught a lesson on its use. This episode is no different with Ryu Paladin Lord Zephyr in Adeu’s hands and now he can use Meteor Zapper. One wonders how long it will be before this ultimate attack stops working like Crushing Dawn.

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