Negima! Vol 19 (Ch 177) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to AQS for the scans.

Summary: As Negi, Kotaro, Asuna, Konoka, and Setsuna are at the local summer festival when Chachamaru, in a new, younger-looking body, approaches them with a gift from Eva. They are white wing badges for their new organization. Asuna is suspicious about this as Chachamaru continues to explain things. Eva hates the name “Negima-dan” and so the white winged badges are for her name of the club, “Ala Alba” — “White Wing.” This is done as Nagi’s organization had been known as “Ala Rubra” or “Crimson Wing.” This impresses Asuna and the girls, but when Chachamaru states they must wear their badges and not lose them lest they be expelled from the club, things change a bit.

Yuuna, Aka, Makie, and Akira are observing Yue and Nodoka and Yuuna wants a badge very badly to score a trip to England. She puts on a mask and an over-garment for her yukata that has several badges. She claims to be a badge otaku and demands Yue and Nodoka hand theirs over. However, Yue sees through the mask leading Makie and Ako to kick Yuuna out of the way and try another tact. They get all gooey over the badges which has Yue suspicious. Yuuna gets back into the act and has Ako and Akira grab Yue and Nodoka. Yue uses her practice wand to cast a light spell, which allows Nodoka and herself to escape.

As they flee, Yuuna breaks out her “magic guns” and attacks. Makie swoops in use her ribbons to capture their prey, but Yue casts a spell to create a wind barrier, then casts a spell to cause the wind to blow up dust which allows Yue and Nodoka to completely escape. Nodoka is worried about Yue’s use of magic against “normals,” but Yue has figured out that this must be a test from Eva to protect their badges or be kicked out. Nodoka activates her artifact and creates four small diaries for each of the girls pursuing them. Now, they can track the girls movements and avoid them.

Back at the festival, Fuku and Fumika are with Kaede-nee and both attempt to score her badge but fail. The cheerleaders have hired a group of strong guys to attack Ku Fei and Paru, but Paru summons a large humanoid and with Ku’s fighting skills, they defeat their attackers. Akira and Yuuna still can’t find Yue and Nodoka, which has Yuuna frustrated but impressed while Ayaka begins to get the reports of everyone’s failure to secure a badge.

As such, Ayaka goes after Asuna herself and is easily thwarted. Ayaka is amazed at how strong Asuna has become and getting serious, lands a blow on a surprised Asuna. However, Asuna is still able to protect her badge. Ayaka in frustration demands a badge so she can join Negima-dan. Asuna realizes that Eva is the cause of the trouble and lets them know that they had to do special training in order to go on the trip to England to find Negi’s father. She further states why they decided to help Negi out and Asuna promises to drag Negi away should there be danger. Ayaka finally understands and gives in, but insists on being given details later.

At a Japanese airport, Negi’s childhood friend Anya arrives.

Thoughts: Yue has come along nicely, though she’s still a weak mage. Still, she was good enough to allow herself and Nodoka to elude the athletic club girls. Yuuna’s serious nature about this cracked me up. Clearly, her actions in the Mahora Festival during the activities of Day 3 fired something in her.

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