Negima! Vol 20 (Ch 178) *SPOILERS*

Negima! Vol 20 (Ch 178) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to AQS for the scans.

SPOILER Summary:

NegimaIts summer and Negi’s battle-harem are heading to a Japanese beach for some much needed time off, especially for Asuna who’s glad to be out from Eva’s “hellish training.” Arriving at the beach, Asuna orders Negi to have fun and not think about training no matter what. However, before things can go further, Ayaka arrives with Akira, Ako, Makie, Yuuna, Fuka, and Fumika. Yuuna decides that they still have to go after Negima-dan’s badges, and she and Makie along with Fuka, Fumika, and Ako attack. Asuna is prepared to take them all out but Ayaka steps in and brings it all to a halt. Yuuna and Makie protest, but she shushes them by reminding them that they were defeated by the library girls Yue and Nodoka.

After Ayaka promises to stay out of Negima’s business, she suddenly decides that she wants to take a personal trip to Great Britain herself and that she might just run into Negima-dan by coincidence. This leads to a spat between Ayaka and Asuna, especially when all of the girls with Ayaka will be coming with Ayaka on her private jet.

As everyone plays, Paru chastises Yue and Nodoka because they aren’t making moves on Negi, and with all the other girls playing with Negi, they are losing points. She doesn’t hear Yue’s point about Negi only being 10 and advises them to come up with some sort of plan before they go to Wales. Yue and Nodoka go for a walk along the shore and discuss things with all the girls, themselves, and Negi. After sharing a laugh about things, they notice Negi walking alone with Asuna and hide to observe this. Negi and Asuna’s conversation leads Yue to understand the special bond between Asuna and Negi but doesn’t know if it is romantic or not. They become aware of a strange girl who’s ticked about seeing Negi and Asuna together. That strange girl is Anya.


Well, its more filler I suppose, but I liked it just the same. Nearly everyone in the class will be going to Great Britain, either with Negima or with Ayaka. I guess only Eva, Hakase, Zazie, Satsuki, Natsumi, and Chizuru won’t go. The cheerleader trio will likely go because they were part of Ayaka’s attempt to score a badge at the summer festival. And, I predict that while Sayo has been tied to the school, they will find a way to allow her to get away. However, I’m not sure if it will be via Asakura or some other means.

As for Anya’s arrival at the end, well, that should prove most interesting.

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