Hayate no Gotoku! 26

Hayate the Combat Butler Ep. 26

SPOILER Summary: After shedding the schoolgirl costume from episode 8, Hayate starts his day as Nagi frets over a manga plot, wondering if an amnesia plot is called for. Hayate volunteers to go rents some videos on the subject to give her inspiration, but he’s soon attacked by Gilbert in a futuristic weapon unit. As he flees, Sakuya warns Nagi that Gilbert might be after Hayate while Hayate ends up running into Nishizawa, who been wanted to see him. He flees with her and after stopping to make a call to order a weapon (thanks to Maria-san) at a pay phone, he then ends up destroying the weapon, forcing Gilbert to flee.

The destruction of the weapon does cause Hayate some minor injury and to be knocked out. When he comes to, Nishizawa has used her legs as a pillow for him. She asks about his feelings for her, so he fakes amnesia. He then pretends to be her butler, even when the pizza delivery guy shows up with a pizza Nishizawa had ordered. She’s very happy about this until Nagi shows up with her security force. Realizing the situation has gone from bad to worse, Hayate has no choice but to keep playing it out and he gets struck by lightning for his troubles.

On the helicopter ride back to the mansion, Nishizawa explains Hayate has amnesia and Hayate wonders how long he should pretend to be asleep. When they arrive at the mansion and Klaus, Maria, and Tama are all present as well as Nagi and Nishizawa. Nagi announces the Ayasaki Hayate Memory Restoration Project, and again, Hayate has to play along. Klaus doesn’t think Nagi has what it takes to bring back Hayate’s memory, so the two agree to a battle, forcing Hayate into a lot of different things to try and trigger his memory.

One task has Hayate pushed out of a plane by Klaus. Nagi, Maria, and Nishizawa head to the lake where Hayate has fallen to try to find him. They find an island that Nagi didn’t remember from their fishing trip. However, it turns out the island is a giant turtle. Maria gets stranded on the lake when the boat motor stalls. Nagi and Nishizawa are chased ashore and Nagi injures herself. Nishizawa attempts to defend Nagi, but not in a very confident way. Hayate sees this and comes to the rescue, going “DBZ” on the turtle before it retreats to the lake again. Hayate then “recovers” his memories which pleases Nagi and Hayate.

As Maria treats Nagi, Nagi reveals that she owes Nishizawa for saving her life. As such, she’s allowing Nishizawa and Hayate to have some time alone. Nishizawa ends up inviting Hayate for anchovy pizza, which he had earlier that day when he pretended to have amnesia. She leaves, leaving Hayate a bit sad.

Thoughts: The episode was a lot of fun for me, but I admit to no real laughs. However, I like the characters a lot so…

References: Sorry guys, I wanted to try to do all the references, but it takes WAY too much time to research, especially when it goes well out of my realm of watching. ^_^; I just have too much to do. Sorry. I hope whomever licenses this for R1 will get all the references as an extra.

That said, I did catch the DBZ reference. ^_^

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2 Responses to “Hayate no Gotoku! 26”

  1. Coeli says:

    That blond-haired girl reminds me of another character…I just can’t point out who..

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I’m a little sleepy, but do you mean Nagi?

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