Negima! Vol 20 (Ch 182) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 20 Chapter 182

SPOILER Summary: Negi explains to Anya that the clue to his father is in the Magic World and thus he and the others are going there. He invites Anya to join them and she agrees to go, but not before giving him a hard time about being somewhat selfish in his thoughts.

Eleven days later, Negi is packed and is bringing a great deal of magical equipment and even a short sword. Asuna and Konoka compliment Setsuna for her civilian outfit, which is unusual attire for her. Negi checks in on them and Setsuna blushes heavily when he compliments her outfit. Kaede remarks on being nervous about taking her first trip overseas and Asakura, who’s sewing a doll, remarks that it will take her just a bit longer before she’s ready to go. Yue, Nodoka, Paru, and Anya are finishing their packing and checking out their panties when Negi arrives and gets a kick in the face from Anya for his trouble.

Negi leaves and is stopped by Chisame. She has heard about the story of Negi’s village from Ayase and asks if he’s really going to the Magic Country to look for his father. He confirms it and she asks about the danger. Negi can’t say there won’t be danger, but Chamo is sure things will be fine. She finds it amazing that the others would go through all that training just for a 10-year old boy. When asked by Chamo on if she’s coming, she says there’s no reason for her to join them on their trip, taking an aloof attitude. She asks if Negi is disappointed, but to her displeasure, he agrees with her. She takes off her glasses and asks if he really has to search for his father when he could just stay in Japan and act a fool with the rest of the class over their summer vacation.

Their conversation is interrupted by Kotaro, who says Eva wants them to do one final training session. This time its Asuna and Negi vs. Eva and as Eva taunts them after giving them a tough time in battle, Asuna manages to score a hit on Eva’s cheek with her harisen. This causes a cut and some blood to trickle out which causes Eva to immediately encase Asuna in ice. She gives Negima-dan a passing grade. Chachamaru, who is back in her original (upgraded?) body and Kotaro are going as well. Eva feels confident that with his current level of training, he should be OK providing he doesn’t go up against the “real thing,” it will be a boring sightseeing tour.

Eva touches her cheek again thinking about Asuna and notices that Negi appears to be worrying. She tells him Nagi wouldn’t be like that but after giving him a hard time, she decides she doesn’t dislike seeing him with a struggling look. Asuna breaks out of the ice at that point, and Eva notes that normally it would take 10-years to break out of that encasement. She praises Asuna for landing a blow on her, then orders Negi to her room that night so she can pass some additional information.

The following day, the group are at the airport and Chachamaru notes that Chisame did not come. They have a ticket for her, but Asuna says that it can’t be helped. On cue, Chisame arrives and is greeting by the girls excitedly, much to her chagrin. He asks her why she changed her mind and she says there was no special reason. However, since Eva doesn’t think there’s any danger, it should be OK but even if there is danger, she states that Negi would protect her. He agrees and the group boards the plane.

Thoughts: Asuna being encased in ice due to a spell seems a bit surprising since she has the magic nullification ability. However, since the spell wasn’t targeted at Asuna but the air around her, I figure the spell wasn’t nullified. However, considering that Asuna was able to break out of the ice in short order shows just how powerful she is. Since this was magic ice, I’d say that her nullification ability played no small part in her rapid escape.

Chisame shows her true colors by showing up for the trip. She does act like the loner, but in reality, she’s always wanted friends and Negima-dan provides her with that. Still, being with a group is new to her which is why she still has a negative reaction to the group flocking to her at the end.

Overall, an enjoyable chapter.

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