Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 38

覇王大系リューナイト Episode 38
Lord of Lords Ryu Knight Episode 38

SPOILER Summary: As a storm rages, Galden stands in it and in rage, raises his sword, which is struck by lightning. He then causes a massive forest fire to start as he blows off energy. Meanwhile in the desert, Rigel has summoned Idoro and demands to know what she has done. After listening to her pontificate, he attacks the sand to reveal an old, damaged Jya-ryuzoku ship had been buried there. The two enter the ship and two more Jya-ryuzoku pods land, with two humanoid Jya-ryuzoku. Rigel decides to give Idoro one more chance and even gives her a Doom unit before sending the three to destroy the Ryu units that Idoro has located.

At the Warp Gate by the sea, Adeu and company attempt to find the hidden entrance to the Mechanized Country (now named Eldogia). They decide to split into two groups to speed up the search. Adeu searches with Sarutobi, Katze and Hittel while Paffy, Isumi, Gratches, and Gesshin search another location. This is noted by Idoro in her crystal ball and the two with her, Doan and Gimel, flip a coin to see who gets to kill Ryu Knight. Doan wins the toss and so will stay with Idoro as Adeu’s party is approaching their location. Gimel will take Paffy’s group. They tell Idoro to shut up and watch when she protests their actions.

As Paffy’s group searches, she sees Gimel and decides to ask him if he knows anything about Eldogia. Isumi and Gesshin see a trap and move to defend Paffy. He summons his Doom unit while the Ryu riders do the same. Meanwhile Adeu’s group comes upon Idoro and Doan. Doan has another coin toss to see if he’ll kill them instantly or if he’ll kill them slowly and gather some data. The coin toss is for the later and the fight is on at both locations. Naturally, the Ryu units are getting spanked by the Doom units.

In Adue’s group, Sarutobi decides to provide a smoke screen so they can flee. However, Idoro is waiting for them and summons her own Doom unit to kill Ryu Knight. She launches her attack and has Ryu Knight on the ropes when an attack comes out of nowhere. It is Galden’s Raida Sword attack, and it saves Adeu. Idoro is not happy by Galden’s sudden arrival and attack on her. Galden attacks her and injures her. However before he can perform a finishing blow, Idoro’s Doom has a little surprise that injures Galden. However before she can finish him off, he manages to tap into Yamikaze’s power, which destroys Idoro’s Doom unit though she manages to escape.

Idoro pleads with Doan to save her from Galden, but he instead apparently kills her for being weak. Despite being angry with the woman who’d raised him, seeing her killed causes him to turn his attention to Doan. The two are in a fierce battle and Adeu decides they need to help. However, since their Ryu units can’t fly, the group will drop Ryu Paladin over a cliff while attached to a chain they hold. Adeu will then attack Doan’s Doom unit and save Galden. The plan goes perfectly and Doan suffers heavy damage and is flung to the sea. Adeu then drops to save Galden, who’s Steru has reverted to card form.

This defeat of Doan forces a shocked Gimel to come over. Ryu Paladin has downgraded to Ryu Knight and Adeu is in no position to fight. Gimel’s attack breaks the chain that’s holding him. As such, he plumets to the sea, presumably with Galden in hand. Gimel then comes over to pull the injured Doan with his damaged Doom out of the sea and escape. However, Adeu does not come to the surface.

Thoughts: Well, we got confirmation that Steru was in fact a modified Ryu unit to make it a pseudo Doom unit. As for Idoro’s death, well other villains have died and come back, namely Galden. So until the series is over, I’ll just assume she’s dead but won’t be surprised to see her still alive somehow.

And speaking of Idoro, why was she surprised that Galden could access the power of Yamikaze when she had him steal it to have its power. Ah, gotta love those shounen title writers who don’t worry about plot holes.

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