Genshiken 2 05

げんしけん 2 Episode 05
Genshiken 2 – 05

SPOILER Summary:

Genshiken 2 - 05Madarame discusses his job-hunting and his suit with Sasahara when Ogiue comes in. Seeing Sasahara holding Madarame’s ties has Ogiue’s mind racing as she imagines the two together in a yaoi relationship. When they leave, she allows her fantasy to continue until Kuchiki and Kugayama come in. While Kuchiki eats and acts a fool, Kugayama ponders if it is OK for Madarame to spend time in the Genshiken room (Kugayama having landed a job).

Genshiken 2 - 05That night, Ogiue is in the bath and fantasizes a scenario with Madarame and Kuchiki. After playing it through in her mind, she decides that it can only be Sasahara and Madarame. This leads her to continue her fantasy about the two of them in a yaoi relationship. The following day, she sees Ohno and Tanaka together. This leads to a fantasy where Tanaka is brought into the mix so that Sasahara would catch Madarame cheating on him with Tanaka.

Genshiken 2 - 05Ogiue is drawing in the club room when Saki catches her. Saki swears she didn’t see anything. Sometime later, Sasahara and Ogiue are alone in the club room and discussing ComiFes. Ogiue is not sure she’s going to do anything and when Saki comes in with Kousaka, she decides to beat a hasty retreat to leave Ogiue and Sasahara alone. Ogiue follows them out and tries to explain without using the term “boys love” (that exact English phrase in the Japanese) because Saki believes Ogiue is interested in Sasahara. The three of them return to the club room and Saki tries to convince Ogiue to get Sasahara to help her at ComiFes. This leads to another yaoi fantasy with Kousaka and Saki in the mix, a dejected Madarame, and a return of Sasahara x Madarame.

Genshiken 2 - 05Because Saki still has the wrong idea, Ogiue decides to show her drawing to Saki in the hopes she’ll understand. It is a drawing of a more aggressive looking Sasahara and a more timid looking Madarame. Saki again misunderstands and assumes that Ogiue is interested in both guys and can’t decide. However, when Ogiue shows the same image to Ohno, she immediately gets the yaoi connection but has a different opinion of how the characters should be (aggressive/submissive).


This was creepy, wrong, and yet funny at the same time. The manga simply stated that Ogiue drew some yaoi images of Sasahara and Madarame and we didn’t get much beyond that except to say that this was her fantasy. The anime decided to go that extra step and show us some fantasy stories which had me laughing and creeped out at the same time. *lol*

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