Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 45

覇王大系リューナイト Episode 45
Lord of Lords Ryu Knight Episode 45

SPOILER Summary: Galden is injured but Sarutobi wants him dead and he wants his Spirit Stone. He is restrained by Gesshin and Gratches as Izumi starts to heal Galden. Gesshin tells Sarutobi that if Galden dies, he won’t be able to retrieve the Spirit Stone and Steru won’t respond to a summons from anyone other than Galden. The group observes more Jya-ryuzoku pods making it through the Mystic Shield and those humanoid soldiers report to Adolia, who’s desperate to defeat the Ryu’s and make up for her previous loss.

The group get their flying sail-ship up in the air again and are soon spotted by the Jya-ryuzoku group lead by Adolia. Adeu initially enters the fray solo, but there are too many for Ryu Paladin to handle. Paffy and the others are also going to join the fight which leaves Sarutobi in charge of the ship and ensuring Galden survives. Naturally he’s not happy by this but does it just the same. Sarutobi assures the sleeping Galden that once this is over, they will meet in battle. Galden simply calls for his mother, which makes Sarutobi realize that even evil overlord-wannabes have mothers.

Sarutobi has to crash land the ship since it is out of power and soon it is spotted by Adolia. This forces Sarutobi to summon Ryu Ninja but it isn’t up to the task of fighting her Doom, though he does his best. Galden awakens and summons Steru to fight Adolia. As he does, he releases Sarutobi’s Spirit Stone. However, before Sarutobi can really do anything, he’s knocked off a cliff and is falling. He taps the power of the Spirit Stone and flies back to the battle. While Steru holds the Doom unit, Sarutobi critically damages it. However, when it explodes, Galden is caught in the blast and is gone.

Thoughts: OK, so everyone’s class-changed now. So how come only Adeu and Paffy get class-change names?

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