Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 48

覇王大系リューナイト Episode 48
Lord of Lords Ryu Knight Episode 48

SPOILER Summary: Adeu is upset about the death of Gesshin and is attacking a tree with a stick in rage while the others sit around a camp fire and quietly grieve. Gratches chastises him over this pointless activity and over being too emotional when in war, people sometimes die for a good cause, this time, the destruction of a Jya-ryuzoku guard ship. Adeu runs away and Gratches tells Paffy not to follow him. Using the spyglass, he observes the actives of the Jya-ryuzoku on Earth Blade. Sarutobi joins him and the two talk about Adeu. For Gratches, he senses great power within Adeu and wants to make Adeu stronger, thus making the others stronger. Sarutobi insists that Adeu is just an idiot.

Meanwhile, the Jya-ryuzoku are behind schedule and concerned since the Ryu riders managed to destroy one of their guard ships, yet currently cannot be found. Isaac decides to allow a task force lead by a humanoid Jya-ryuzoku and supported by a guard ship to flush out the Ryu riders and destroy them to stop them from causing any more delays. The plan is to raze a nearby town and kill as many human scum as possible. They start their attack, easily blowing away the Solids trying to defend it and wait for the Ryu’s to arrive.

The attack is spotted by Gratches. He goes to do what he can to defend the town and tells the others not to let Adeu know since Adeu’s not in the proper frame of mind for fighting. Sarutobi, Hittel, and Katze join Gratches while Izumi and Paffy go off to find Adeu. Gratches does what he can to lure the leader of the attack in his Doom and his soldiers. However, even though he’s pulled them away from the town, the guard ship simply takes over the task of blasting the town from the sky.

Hagu Hagu finds Adeu and is soon joined by Paffy and Izumi. He’s stunned to learn what’s going on and that Gratches didn’t want him to know because of his state of mind. However, Adeu is resolute in joining the fight and so the three are off. Meanwhile, Sarutobi enters the fray along with Hittel and Katze in Ryu Gunner. The fight is tough but they are soon joined by Paffy and Izumi which helps with the battle. Adeu goes to join Gratches, who’s having some difficulty in his fight. With the guard ship ordered to finish the job, Izumi gathers the survivors and with the other Ryu units, shields them all from the massive attack. Gratches has Adeu go to dispatch the guard ship, which Adeu does by finally using Meteor Zapper.

As the heavily damaged guard ship begins to crash, the Jya-ryuzoku leader is stunned by this turn of events. Gratches uses the opportunity to inflict damage on his Doom, causing him to fall into the explosion of the guard ship as it hits the ground. The impact and explosion causes a volcanic eruption. Adeu rejoins Gratches, but as they start to head off to Paffy’s group, the Doom emerges from the lava and manages a critical hit on Gratches’ Ryu unit. Unable to do much, Gratches manages one final attack which critically damages the Doom. However, Gratches is unable to move any further and the Ryu and Doom units are both destroyed. As Adeu screams, Isaac and his Jya-ryuzoku forces have suffered another loss.

Thoughts: Wow. So they’ve killed two of the Ryu riders now. I don’t actually expect them to really be dead or to stay dead if they are dead. Still, a lot of clichéd shounen fare here.

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