Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 47

覇王大系リューナイト Episode 47
Lord of Lords Ryu Knight Episode 47

SPOILER Summary:

The party arrive at Earth Blade only to find no Jya-ryuzoku there. After Gratches and Hittel return from patrol, Adeu and Gesshin being their own patrol. After Gesshin suggests Adeu be the leader of the group to pull them together as a fighting force for the battle ahead, a massive number of Jya-ryuzoku pods arrive. They open in the atmosphere and form a giant mother ship and several support ships, armed to the teeth. Adeu wants to blindly rush in and attack despite the stupidity of such a move and is restrained by Gesshin. Because of Adeu’s actions, Gesshin’s Ryu unit is hit and he’s injured. Adeu has to save him and in doing so, is forced to retreat.

The latest humanoid Jya-ryuzoku leader, Isaac, takes command and summons Rigel, who’s failed to destroy the Ryu units. Others on Isaac’s staff are not happy with Rigel and less happy when Isaac has decreed that Rigel will be working with them to secure Earth Blade and taking down the Mystic Shield, which they have to do by the time Earth Tear’s two moon align and the Mystic Shield is at its weakest.

On the ground, Izumi has healed Gesshin, who’s resting. Sarutobi is annoyed with Adeu’s recklessness. When Katze sees in the spyglass that the Jya-ryuzoku are building a contraption on the Earth Blade as they’d done 1000 years before, Adeu gets hysterical, insisting that they have to attack now. He gets angry when the others urge caution and more angry when Sarutobi chastises him. Since Sarutobi has no plan of his own, Adeu feels secure in his own position, feeling it is better to fight no matter the odds against you. Gesshin wakes up and while he agrees they have to do something, they need a plan. Gesshin is not in the best of spirits but manages to get through Adeu’s thick skull to keep him from racing off like a moron and listen to his plan.

Having agreed on the plan to attack everyone but Gesshin race for the mother ship in their class-changed Ryu units. Gesshin goes on his own (and not according to plan) to attack one of the support ships. When Isaac’s crew see six Ryu units heading for them, they prepare to repulse the attack. It is believed that Ryu Samurai was too damaged to participate in the attack, by Rigel isn’t sure and heads out on his own Doom unit. As Adeu and company fight, Gesshin makes it to the support ship where Rigel is waiting for them. They fight but when a Jya-ryuzoku soldier opens a hatch to try to help shoot down the Ryu unit, Gesshin has his opening and manages to make it into the ship.

Gesshin dispatches the Jya-ryuzoku soldiers he meets and despite the damage he’d inflicted on Rigel’s Doom, Rigel is still in the fight to keep Gesshin from taking down the ship. The fight has weakened Gesshin, who’s Ryu downgrades to normal mode. However, he’s managed to take down Rigel’s Doom unit in the process. He summons enough strength to class-change back to the upgrade mode where he destroys the engines in the ship. Outside, Adeu has realized what Gesshin was up to and doing, but the others won’t allow him to rush off in a foolish attempt to do anything since he’d be destroys along with the support ship.


I hate Adeu. He’d been really annoying early in the series, but then they’d toned him down a little. However for this episode, he’s back to the reckless, annoying bozo who’s only thought is “ATTACK! WE MUST FIGHT! JYA-RYUZOKU EVIL! WE MUST DESTROY! WHO CARES THAT OUR ATTACKS WILL BE POINTLESS BECAUSE WE MUST ATTACK! TO NOT ATTACK IS TO BE A COWARD! ATTACK!” Ugh. I know this is shounen fare but still, it makes me want to vomit.

Also on the shounen docket is how those Jya-ryuzoku pods came through the Mystic Shield. Unlike before, the pods are able to open in midair and their contents merge to form ships. Oooo. Glad the parts that didn’t get through the shield weren’t important and didn’t keep our ships from being made, being fully armed, fully powered, and fully stocked. But then logic must give way to shounen fare.

One thing I’ll say for this show — there’s no such thing as a single big village, just an entire race. Every time you have what seems to be a central villain, he or she gets replaced by someone bigger and better. I guess that’s OK because its better than a central villain who can never get the job done. So instead, keep bringing in more folks to try to get the job done.

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