Negima! Vol 20 (Ch 184) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 20 Chapter 184

SPOILER Summary: Ayaka’s group searches the London area for Negima-dan and naturally find them. Learning that Negima-dan is going to visit Negi’s hometown, Ayaka’s group decides to go along as well. Nekane rushes to meet him and the group is touched by their reunion. Negi introduces the students to his “oneechan” and they come to the house to have a meal. Afterward, Negi takes some of the girls his old school. Nekane inquires of Ayaka about Negi, worried that he might be a burden but Ayaka assures him that’s not the case.

That night, Negi confesses to Nekane that he’s going to the Magic Country. She’s shocked by this but he states that he wants to look for the clue from his father. The Headmaster from the Magic School. After talking, he takes Negi down some stairs to a large storage room. Inside, the villages from Negi’s old village stand petrified including Stan.

Thoughts: Heh! Ayaka addresses Nekane as “oneesama.”

I knew that both groups would end up at Negi’s village. I guess that means that all of Ayaka’s group will somehow go to the magic country.

Interesting how all the villagers have been kept safe all this time.

Otherwise, nothing to say about this setup chapter.

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