Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 51

覇王大系リューナイト Episode 51
Lord of Lords Ryu Knight Episode 51

SPOILER Summary: As Isaac’s aide Danan flees to the descending Mystic Shield destruction device to give his report to the Emperor, Adeu finds himself having to rouse the spirits of not only his fellow Ryu Riders, but the others who’d come to aide him. They see things as completely hopeless but Adeu tells them that it was they who gave him strength to carry on the fight after the death of the other Ryu Riders. As such, they agree to help as best they can. One Solid will be loaded onto the flying sail ship along with a contingent of ninja, pirates, and others. Escorted by the four surviving Ryu units, their mission will be to damage the foundation that the destruction device will land on while the Ryu’s fight the Doom’s.

Initially, things go OK for the small band of attackers as the ninja manage to take out a Doom unit using ninja techniques to plant bombs all over its surface while the rest, given cover by the lone Solid, plant large bombs all around one section of the foundation. They set off the bombs, causing some nice damage to the one section of the foundation. However, the sheer number of Doom units are more than the four Ryu’s can handle and they inflict heavy casualties on ninja and others, including the destruction of the Solid. Iori, Nuzzi, Jeffery, and Flora are all injured badly in the attack. Sarutobi has to use Bakuretsumaru to try to get Iori and Flora to safety.

The Emperor has order the docking of the Mystic Shield destruction device despite the damage to the foundation as the Mystic Shield will soon begin to re-strengthen. Adeu tries to prevent this but fails and begins to give in to defeat. However, just before three Dooms can destroy him, he’s saved when Dark Knight Steru arrives on the scene and dispatches the Dooms. He gives Adeu a bit of a hard time for his current attitude, then announces he’s brought friends. To Adeu’s and everyone else’s amazement, the White Dragon appears and on his back are Derringer, Hayatemaru, and Shinebaram in their class-changed form with their Katze, Hittel, Gesshin, and Gratches still very much alive. Apparently, the White Dragon’s technology teleported them to safety before they could be killed.

Now re-enforced, the White Dragon evacuates the wounded while the others join the fight. The destruction device lands on the foundation, but because one of the supports were damaged, it inflicts some damage to the device. Galden class-changes Dark Knight Steru into Rune Knight Steru, forcing Sarutobi to grudgingly concede that Galden is an ally. Galden continues his attacks on the giant device but it begins to work despite the damage and begin taking down the Mystic Shield for the Jya-ryuzoku armada in orbit to land. Further complicating things is a giant mecha unit which has emerged from the destruction device.

Thoughts: Ha!Ha! I knew Galden would return. I figured there would be a way for the other slain Ryu Riders to return. I’d forgotten about the White Dragon though. Isn’t life sweet? One more to go. With only one more, will we learn where Galden got a Spirit Stone?

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