Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight 50

覇王大系リューナイト Episode 50
Lord of Lords Ryu Knight Episode 50

SPOILER Summary: Adeu wallows in self-pity after the deaths of Gratches, Gesshin, Katze, and Hittel, which is further added to when he finds Katze damaged abacus. The others try to bring him out of it since the Jya-ryuzoku have finished their repairs and the device to destroy the Mystic Shield once and for all is attempting to penetrate the shield to be attached to the top of Earth Blade. Seeing this, Sarutobi and Izumi take off to fight while Paffy attempts to bring Adeu out of his funk. She ends up smacking him in the face, then is sorry for that. She brings his head to her bosom before she too takes off to join the fight.

Adeu finally comes round and discovers the others are fighting the Jya-ryuzoku to try to prevent them from completing their mission. Issac, desperate to ensure that the Ryu’s don’t cause any further delays which could stop them altogether, enters the fray with his Doom, which is more powerful than previous Doom’s seen. The fight is a tough one but when Adeu finally arrives, he tries to get them to retreat until that night. However, they don’t have that much time left. Sarutobi attempts to do what he can, but his attack is repulsed and he’s almost sent packing.

To Adeu’s amazement, three armies arrive from Earth Tear to join the battle. Flora leads an armada, Iori leads the ninja, including ones on kites, and Nuzzi leads an army of Solids and tanks. Even as Adeu gets knocked from the sky by Isaac’s Doom, the armies open a barrage on it, even though they cannot harm the Doom. As Zephyr sinks into the water, Adeu feels it is impossible to win, but seeing Paffy call his name causes him to revive and Zephyr to come to the surface. Adeu witnesses everyone fighting and realizes that he’s been too self-centered. With this, he re-enters the fight, preventing Isaac from wiping out all three armies.

Isaac tries to hit Adeu with a big attack, but Adeu manages to hold it off and repell it, forcing Isaac to retreat. Isaac needs to buy time to allow the device to get through the Mystic Shield and so flees to the mother ship with Adeu in pursuit. Inside, Isaac ambushes Adeu to prevent him from being able to prevent the device penetrating the shield by stabbing the foot of Zephyr, pinning it to the floor of the ship. Adeu manages to cut Isaac’s Doom in half, destroying it. The subsequent explosions destroy the mother ship, though Isaac’s aide Danan manages to escape, as does Adeu. However, the destruction device has started to penetrate the Mystic Shield.

Thoughts: Wow. No one on the Ryu team died. Time for Galden to make an appearance. Yeah. Well, either that or the other Ryu riders who’d supposedly died.

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