Lupin III Part III Ep. 04

Lupin III Part III Ep. 04
ルパン三世 – Part III Ep. 04

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Lupin III Part III Ep. 04Lupin and Jigen are trying to get the Spanish gold from a sunken Spanish ship in the Bermuda Triangle. Using a sea plan to start their dive, they discover the underwater currents prevent them from getting to the ship. A submarine filled with female pirates lead by the female Sindbad, announces that the gold is theirs and launches missiles from which female pirates emerge and attack. Lupin and Jigen fight back and escape, wounding or killing many of the pirates along the way. Goemon, waiting on the sea plane, takes off as soon as they are aboard as the pirate sub attacks.

Lupin III Part III Ep. 04They fly to New York where Fujiko is waiting for Lupin. As she gets ready, Sindbad and her pirates arrive first. As Lupin arrives with gifts, a waiting Sindbad gives him an opportunity to work for her, which he turns down. A helicopter shows up with the captured, unconscious Fujiko and Sindbad gives him an ultimatum to get the Spanish gold. On the sub, Sindbad demands Fujiko tell her how Lupin will get the gold since at present the gold is unreachable. They put the naked Fujiko into a device so that she will be forced to tell them what Lupin is planning. Back at a hideout, Jigen arrives to find Lupin has fishing wire everywhere which Jigen accidently triggers to cause all kinds of things to fall, including Lupin.

Lupin III Part III Ep. 04On the sub, Fujiko, hooked to a machine, warns them that Goemon is coming on an iceberg. Sure enough, Goemon is riding a giant iceberg, which Lupin plans to create a river of cold to get to the ship. He and Jigen do get to the ship and as predicted, it is filled with Spanish gold. Further, chunks of the iceberg falling off cause a tsunami, which combined with some sword action from Goemon, causes the sunken ship to come to shore. The pirates are waiting and force Lupin to load the gold which they take without give them Fujiko. Lupin expected this and with fishing line attached to the helicopter, he’s off to the pirate hideout.

Lupin III Part III Ep. 04Lupin is immediately discovered and Sindbad’s consultation with Fujiko tells her that to seduce Lupin, Sindbad will need to wear a transparent dress. Despite her reservations, Sindbad does this and when Lupin is shown in to her, she stages a phone call to make it appear that Fujiko is angry with Lupin and doesn’t want to see him. Lupin appears to be taken in by Sindbad but request some time to rest, so he’s given a room. Lupin manages to get the advantage of his escort and while Fujiko attempts to make telepathic contact with Fujiko. Lupin learns of Sindbad’s plans and goes to save her while an unknowing Sindbad arrives to get Lupin. Realizing she’s been tricked, she goes to get him while Lupin rescues Fujiko, who says she loves Lupin for rescuing her. They are caught where Lupin says his love for Fujiko is such that he will always hear her call.

Lupin III Part III Ep. 04Fujiko, while being carried, manages to shoot the gun out of Sindbad’s hand. At the same time as Lupin carries Fujiko to safety, the fishing line trap Lupin set causes all sorts of things to fall and collapse, securing their escape. Zenigata, having received a tip that Lupin was stealing Spanish gold, arrives and is directed to the gold by Lupin. However, several bars of gold begin to detatch themselves and leave the pirate hideout as Lupin and Fujiko on a small speedboat flee, the gold trailing them on a fishing line.


Nice.  Nothing like an excuse to have Fujiko naked most of the time disguised as an episode. Of course, there was also the female Sindbad as well. *_* No wonder this 3rd series was not very highly regarded. That and the story was just pretty dumb, but why bother with a story when you have naked chicks. Ugh.


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