Minami-ke 03

みなみけ Episode 03

SPOILER Summary: Its test time at school. For her math test, Kana is pretty happy with her 65. Keiko scores 100 and Kana finds that a boring score. When Fujioka’s (whom she refers to as “Banchou” — a leader of delinquents) score is better than her’s, Kana takes it as a personal challenge. She will win the next test and the loser has to pretend to be a dog. For English, Kana has a 61 and Keiko gets a 100, prompting Kana to tell her to go to America. She alters her test score on the sheet to ultimately say 68, but is beaten again by Fujioka. She refuses to give up (or pretend to be a dog) and so for the rest of the day, she gets her test scores back. Keiko scores a 100 in everything and no matter what Kana changes her score to, Fujioka beats her. When he demands she pretend to be a dog and show him her paws, she kicks him in the face, saying feet are feet.

At home, Chiaki is studying and Kana is reading a manga when Kana decides to ask about Chiaki’s grades. Chiaki deflects the question by passing Kana some crackers. Kana eventually catches onto this and Chiaki states that nothing good can come of this. As such, Kana ends up drinking every drop of milk in the place to show how scary she can be, only to become ill from drinking so much, especially when Haruka was going to make cream stew. Kana won’t be beaten and so debates Chiaki on the preparation of food, apparently forgetting her own previous disastrous attempt to make hotcakes. The results of her meal look good but are bad. When Haruka gets home and goes to sample some of it, they stop her. Kana goes to buy new milk and when Haruka finishes the meal and they taste it, Kana is defeated.

Kana is sleeping and when she awakens, Fujioka is there. Thinking he’s about to attack her, she goes on the defensive but he points out that the next class is music. Since the classroom is empty, he takes a moment to confess that he likes her. She rushes home to consult with “Chiaki-sama” about this. Initially, Chiaki tells her it means Fujioka likes her but when Kana annoys Chiaki, Chiaki changes her tune, twisting Fujioka’s words into another challenge. And so after that, Kana is on guard ready to fight any time Fujioka is around, leading him to think she hates him.

Chiaki comes home to see a pair of guy’s shoes in the entry way. She finds Fujioka sitting at the table (Japanese style) and asks Kana about it. Kana concedes this is “Banchou” but that she doesn’t want to become Banchou be defeating him, so she can make peace with him by inviting him over AND feeding him some curry, which they accidentally made three pots of. Haruka comes home and everything goes well. As Chiaki and Haruka wash the dishes afterward, Haruka mentions that Fujioka reminds her a bit of their dad. So, as Kana and Fujioka finish watching the TV drama about the sensei and his female student, Chiaki comes in, tells him that’s where she sits, then proceeds to sit between his legs, leaning against him and apparently enjoying it. Haruka also seems more friendly to him which makes Kana suspicious before throwing him out, but not before making him take a pot of curry with him.

Thoughts: Chiaki-sama RULES, y’all! *lol* I don’t think I’ve ever seen a love confession twisted into a challenge to fight before, but this anime has now done it twice and it is funny both times.

There was a slightly serious moment when Haruka mentioned their dad and Fujioka, but for the most part this was another fun, sometimes funny, wacky episode.

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