Minami-ke 06

みなみけ Episode 06

SPOILER Summary: Class is over and Makoto is complaining about the homework they’ve been assigned. He overhears Chiaki inviting Yoshino and Uchida over to do homework and he gets upset by this as they can just blow threw it with three people. Chiaki states she could do that without the others there, leading to more frustration by Makoto. Eventually, he gets Chiaki to invite him and Shuuichi over, where they find Kana changing in the living room, surprised that Chiaki brought guys over. Being another “bakayarou,” he gets along well with Kana who tells him several falsehoods that irritate Chiaki. However, when Haruka comes home, he’s smitten with her and takes Chiaki’s place at helping her make some snacks, loudly and constantly saying “Haruka-san” in sentences, which makes Chiaki even madder since it is a more casual way to address her beloved older sister. Chiaki gets so angry, she accidentally rips her text book in half. So the next time they are assigned a ton of homework, Makoto gets rejected when he tries to get invited to Chiaki’s house.

Its calligraphy class time and Makoto can’t help but think that Chiaki is ignoring him. He starts to make inquiries of both Yoshino and Uchida about it, but then decides to go to Chiaki. She’s preparing her ink and she doesn’t respond to him when he inquires of “Minami,” so he tries addressing her as “Chiaki.” Getting no response there, he calls her “Hime” (Princess) and gets punched for it. He goes back to Yoshino and Uchida to try to figure out things. They recall the evening at Chiaki’s house and figure that maybe what Chiaki writes on her paper will be a clue. She writes “バカ野郎” (bakayarou) , leading Makoto to write a quick apology. She gives him zero points because one shouldn’t be bothered when dipping the brush into the ink. He compliments her on her writing but gets the ink set in the face when he calls her “Hime” again.

The girls are watching their favorite drama about Sensei and Ninomiya when the power goes off at the good point. Chiaki tells Haruka to request the TV station rebroadcast the episode and file a protest with the electric company.

Uchida has come over and as Kana brushes her hair, Kana convinces her to invite Makoto over. The following day, Makoto is there, happy to be at the home of Haruka and not sure why Chiaki hates him. Kana has a solution to allowing him to stay there and avoid Chiaki’s gaze, Chiaki not seeing what she doesn’t want to see. Their solution is to dress Makoto up as a girl and call him Mako-chan. Chiaki comes in and with “Chiaki Vision,” we see her identify Uchida (with a 50% idiocy rating) and nearly completely black out Kana (with a 100% idiot rating). This “Mako-chan” she can’t ID and so she’s friendly with Mako-chan. Haruka comes in and begins to take off her clothing in the living room, which is a little too much for “Mako-chan” to handle (turning beet red), though he doesn’t reveal the fact that he’s a guy.

Uchida goes into a clothing department store and catches Makoto in the girl’s section checking out the dresses. She decides to make a retreat and pretend to see nothing, but he’s desperate to explain. Once she realizes that his purpose for wanting to buy women’s clothing is so he can see Haruka, she decides to help him. She first lends him one of her outfits because it would be weird for a boy to buy girls clothes. Then disguised as “Mako-chan,” he and Uchida return to the store to shop. He’s checking out the bras when Haruka shows up. Mako-chan mentions this being the first time buying a bra, so Haruka decides to help. She gets Mako-chan into the dressing room and he figures the game is up when he has to take off his shirt. When she measures him, then gives him a feel, Makoto figures that surely Haruka will figure out he’s a boy. However, she tells Mako-chan that Mako-chan isn’t ready for a bra just yet but she’ll be glad to help Mako-chan when it is time. Uchida is amazed at Makoto’s escape and Makoto turns all red again, having overload from being with Haruka. Meanwhile Haruka comes home and gives Chiaki a once-over to see if she’s ready for a bra or not.

Thoughts: Oh, this was funny indeed. Chiaki is her normal “win” self, but seeing the lengths Makoto would go just to be near Haruka (all set up by Kana) was just hilarious.

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2 Responses to “Minami-ke 06”

  1. Hugh Roe says:

    Looks like I’m going to have to DL this…sounds great.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    I don’t know if you saw Azumanga Daioh or not but I rank this up there with that series. Its not quite as funny, but it is pretty good.

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