Negima! Vol 21 (Ch 195) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 21 Chapter 195

Summary: Natsumi recognizes Kotaro as the “Rooster Head” thug and Kotaro square off. Rooster Head punishes the girls again and Negi gets angry, his power levels causing the thug to be forced back. However before Negi can attack, the “teddy bear” called Mama punches the thug since the slaves are valuable and he is not. Ako passes out and when she comes to, she’s back in the slaves quarters. However, Negi is there (as Nagi) and she’s immediately amazed and flushed since the man she’s attracted to has come to save her. Negi tells her that Mama has given her the rest of the day off to recover and that he’ll get her out of this. She thanks “Nagi” for rescuing her.

Outside, Natsumi talks with Kotaro, who’s surprised that she saw through his disguise. He wants to know why she followed them after he told her not to as this has lead to her now being a slave. She tells him she was worried and because he said the trip would be dangerous, she, as one of his guardians, wanted to make sure he would be OK. She gets flustered though at his older teen form though because she finds it cool.

Meanwhile Akira talks with Negi. Akira is coming to the acceptation that there is a magic world, non-humans “people,” and the like. Since Kotaro is using a magical disguise and “Nagi” had said “my students,” that means the older teen she knows as Nagi is really Negi. This is too much for her and so Chisame consoles Akira. A little later, Chisame tells Negi to not show his true form to Ako. She tosses the Ara Alba badge they found his direction for him to figure out when Asakura is there and the badge is caught by Sayo (in doll form), as Asakura lost it on an intelligence gathering mission.

Asakura briefs them on Ako being sick and the girls willingly going into slavery to save her. They won’t be able to take the girls by force and remove their collars for a whole host of reasons including the life of the girls. Asuna might be able to get the collars off but she’s not there so the next best thing is to get the Dp1-million. Kotaro despairs of getting that kind of sum, but a sign on the wall promotes a tournament with a Dp1-million prize. They enter the arena to try out where Rooster Head and Mama observe along with Chachamaru and Chisame. Rooster Head tells them that if they can beat the trainer (who supposedly beat the Thousand Master), they can enter. In walks the big guy that Negi had already defeated and when he sees Negi and Kotaro, he becomes very afraid. Kotaro comments about Negi being sidetracked from his quest to learn about his father, but Negi doesn’t mind since the other’s problem are greater than his. With that, the two attack.

Meanwhile at the gate port, Takahata and Mana arrive in the Magic World just before the gate closes for good.

Thoughts: Well, Akira and Natsumi figured out the truth of the disguised Negi and Kotaro. Ako still hasn’t been told, so that fun is still to come. The Dp1-million prize for the fighting is a tad convenient considering that’s the price to free the girls from slavery. Still, the last time Akamatsu-sensei did a fighting tournament, a lot of neat stuff came from it.

Takahata and Mana arriving on the Magic World before the gate shut down was pretty sweet because at some point, there’s going to be major fighting going on and those are two I’d want on my team.

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