Minami-ke 07

みなみけ Episode 07

SPOILER Summary: Makoto is back at the Minami residence as Mako-chan along with Uchida, enjoying Haruka’s prepared snacks. Kana is proud of how she set Makoto down a new path and decides that maybe she needs to do the same for Chiaki. However, Chiaki is ignoring Kana and reading her book (which just happens to have “bakayarou” in the subtitle). Failing to work on Chiaki, Kana decides to work on Keiko at school by making her remove her glasses. Her thinking makes people wonder if she’s OK, so she decides that she needs to look more intelligent while thinking. As such, she borrows Keiko’s glasses and doesn’t even realize that she’s already succeeded in getting Keiko to remove her glasses until Riko asks where Keiko’s glasses are.

A group of Chiaki’s friends have come over and Kana is educating them on what to do with strangers. Takeru-ojisan stops by, so Kana has Chiaki’s friends test what they learned on him. Suddenly, Kana realizes that even though they call him “ojisan” (uncle), she has no idea how he’s related to them. Chiaki and Haruka don’t know either, making him very suspicious. However, Haruka calls her aunt (their mother’s oneesan) who confirms that Takeru is her son, making him their cousin. Haruka and Chiaki are relieved to have this resolved as “Kana-sensei” continues her class. However, the two of them seem to have forgotten something regarding Takeru.

The sisters are watching their favorite TV drama about Sensei and Ninomiya when once again, a car hits them in the rain. Kana complains loudly about this reuse of plot and Chiaki asks Haruka to complain about it to the TV station.

Kana is at the library and runs into Fujioka, aka “Banchou.” Two other girls happen by, one of them actually having the official title of “Banchou” (lead delinquent). Sitting at a table, Kana is excited to hear about the the legend of Banchou, which in fact turned out to have originated with her sister Haruka. This excited Kana very much, who then borrows Keiko’s notebook and has one of the girls write down the legend therein. The current Banchou and Fujioka have a “rock-paper-scissors” battle where the current Banchou purposefully loses. Kana is not impressed with Fujioka and the girl is happy to be officially rid of the title. The girl asks Kana’s name and Kana proudly says she is Haruka’s little sister. Back home, Kana reports to Chiaki about finding a book and starts reading aloud from the notebook which tells of Haruka tossing a vase of water on a teacher who was sexually harassing her. Hearing this causes a reaction from Haruka in the kitchen, who very much wants to have a talk with Kana.

Two years earlier, the two girls who’d talked with Fujioka and Kana about the legend of Banchou are talking about it. It seems that Haruka was the class inchou (director, also called “class rep”) but her classmates had taken to calling her “Banchou” rather than “Inchou” for a whole host of easons. Haruka doesn’t like this and when she gets frustrated, she does appear to act like a banchou. The homeroom teacher calls Haruka to the teacher’s room where he’s concerned about an apparent banchou being in their class. Because such a troublemaker could cause harm to others, he wants Haruka to quietly discover who the banchou is. Nothing Haruka can say can dissuade him, so she changes the subject by pretending to read his palm. She finds herself over her head quickly and so focuses on the wilting flowers in the vase on his desk. She takes the vase to get rid of the old flowers when one of the guys from her class comes in and calls her “Banchou.” She’s so shocked by this, she accidentally loses the vase which dumps its contents all over the sensei and knocks him down. Thus the legend of Banchou was born.

Thoughts: Earlier, I had wondered who this “ojisan” was, and then having an episode where the girls wondered the same thing was pretty funny. The banchou story was pretty funny too. I really am enjoying this series.

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