Minami-ke 10

みなみけ Episode 10
Minami-ke 10

SPOILER Summary:

Minami-ke 10Chiaki is informed of another person with the family name “Minami” and so goes to check this person (named Touma) out along with a couple of friends, apparently determined to make this person her little brother. Touma is angry with a boy in her class. He won’t fight her so she tells him to treat her like a boy. When she shoves him out of the way, he stumbles into Chiaki. Chiaki shoves him aside and gets an apology out of Touma. The two exchange some heated words with Chiaki treating Touma as if she were a boy before eventually Chiaki decides to make Touma her little brother. After school, Touma is there wearing her red (female) backpack, so Chiaki summons Makoto and makes him exchange backpacks with Touma.

Minami-ke 10Its cooking class time and Makoto is about to use a big knife on his yet uncooked, unopened egg. He tells Shuuichi that he wants to learn to cook in order to help Haruka-san in the future. In the back of the class, there are sounds of approval as Chiaki is seen boiling three eggs and explaining how to make the perfect boiled egg. Makoto demands to know how she knows so much, and she gloatingly tells him its because she helps Haruka-neesama so much. She further verbally jabs him by referencing the one time he came by as himself (not as Mako-chan) and helped Haruka. He retorts with some nonsense about being a chef’s egg and eggs having feelings. No one understands what he’s saying, only that the two of them are serious. When he demands that Chiaki boil him, she punches him, saying that eggs have to be removed from their shells before they can be mashed.

Minami-ke 10Kana and Haruka come home to find Kana horsing around with Touma, who’s dressed like a boy. They think Touma is a boy until Touma says she’s a girl, to their relief but the Chiaki’s annoyance. This leads to more tussling on their part with Touma showing she’s pretty strong. Makoto comes in as Mako-chan and while only Kana knows his identity, Touma seems to recognize him, leading to a panic situation. Makoto takes Touma off and reveals his true identity. Touma promises to try not to give up his secret and they return with Touma stating she’s a guy (from her talk with Makoto). Kana decides to confirm this out one way or the other and checks under Touma’s shirt to find budding breasts, which she she indicates are larger than Chiaki’s. “Mako-chan” insists Touma is a boy until Kana decides to show him the proof which shuts him up.

Minami-ke 10Makoto, once again at the Minami residence as “Mako-chan” decides he’s going to reveal himself as a guy to Haruka and Chiaki and says to to Kana and Touma. This leads to the two of them making a play off each other’s names, Kana becoming “Kaa-chan” (mommy) and Touma becoming “Tou-chan” (daddy). Chiaki and Haruka arrive with Chiaki announcing they will have curry. Because her lips are badly chapped, Haruka applies some lip cream (essentially chap stick) to Chiaki’s lips. Touma and Kana tell Makoto that now is the time and so he gets up to speak. Haruka notices his lips are chapped as well and applies the same balm to his lips, making him beet red and leading Touma to remark on this being an indirect kiss. Kana stops her and Makoto says he’s a guy. Chiaki and Haruka seem to accept this with no problem and Chiaki has Touma come to help them make dinner. However, Touma discovers that the two of them think that “Mako-chan” is just goofing because Touma pretends to be a guy.

Minami-ke 10At school, Touma gives Makoto the bad news that Chiaki and Haruka still don’t know that “Mako-chan” is indeed Makoto. Makoto is very depressed by this since it took all his courage to confess so Touma tells him to tell Chiaki now. So he returns to the classroom and screams to Chiaki that he is a boy. Touma pulls him back, saying that this is not the right way to do this and that he should be gentle. Makoto returns to the classroom to where the suspicious Chiaki is, gets down on his knees and tells her nicely that he’s a guy. That leads to a kick in the face from Chiaki.

Minami-ke 10At the Minami residence, Makoto is there with his “transformation” gym bag containing girl’s clothing so he can become Mako-chan. He talks with Touma and Kana at the kotatsu about this when Haruka and Chiaki come home, forcing him to hide under the kotatsu. Because its such a cold day, Chiaki is eager to sit at the kotatsu to warm up. So Makoto is trapped with all the girls sitting there and the heat is getting to him, leading him to seek relief by peeking his head out at Touma’s area. Kana finds this funny, but decides she needs to help him escape. So after turning on a magic show on TV, she produces Makoto’s gym bag and tells Touma to do a magic trick. Realizing what’s going on, Touma pulls out a girl’s shirt and pushes it under the kotatsu and a bit later pulls out a boy’s shirt. Then she puts a skirt under the kotatsu and after seeing something she shouldn’t, she pulls out a pair of guy’s jeans. Haruka applauds this but Chiaki is suspicious. Touma then puts the hair clips under the kotatsu and produces Mako-chan.


Update (8-June-2014): OK, I’ve no clue what happened to my original review here. *sigh* The migration from Blogger to WordPress caused a ton of unexpected things, including stripping this post of all its images, and apparently the review as well.

Oh well. It has been years since I watched this, but considering this was the first Minami-ke series (which was the best), it was probably a good episode. ^_^

Minami-ke 10

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