Minami-ke 11

みなみけ Episode 11

SPOILER Summary: At the other Minami residence, Touma’s three older brothers are discussing how she’s been coming home late a lot and spending a lot of time at Minami Chiaki’s Kana punishedhouse. Even though that Minami residence always lets them know that she’ll be late, the eldest brother tasks the youngest brother to learn more, so the next time Touma comes by to visit, she informs them of this as he’s waiting outside. Haruka is angry at not being trusted, which she feels is due to her higher-pitched voice. However, they bring in the brother, who’s name is Akira. He brings a gift of soap bars which doesn’t sit will with Kana but surprisingly seems to go over OK with Haruka. After Kana says something she shouldn’t and gets punished by Haruka, Akira is invited to stay for dinner. Haruka makes the call to the other Minami residence, only this time she deepens her voice so much that brothers don’t recognize her and think something bad is going on.

Akira pays a visit to Kana in her classroom during break and they talk. When asked about his type of girl he says that Kana isn’t it. When asked about Haruka, he says he likes her long hair. Seeing the long-haired Riko enter the room, Kana points her out to him and he agrees that she’s his type. However, Fujioka sees the two of them sitting together and is not happy about it and Rivals!decides to try to be casual and pop over to see what kind of relationship they have. Riko sees that look of angry determination on his face and gets all happy about it. Akira sees him coming looking unhappy and asks Kana about him. Learning he’s “Banchou,” Akira gets afraid and since Riko is following Fujioka, he figures Fujioka is mad because he was staring at Riko, who much be his girlfriend. He apologizes to Fujioka, saying he wouldn’t touch another guy’s girl and says Kana is his type before running away. Fujioka is not happy and chases him and Riko chase them. Back at the female Minami residence, Touma comments on Akira being depressed, so Kana says she’ll cheer him up. Unfortunately, Kana makes things worse by getting Fujioka angry and thus Akira more depressed while Riko gets more excited.

Chiaki walks home from school and comes to an intersection where she waits for the crossing light. A truck carrying gravel from the Yamada Construction Company stops at the red light a Chiaki and Yamadapiece of gravel falls from the truck at Chiaki’s feet. The truck goes on and Chiaki names the small rock “Yamada” before kicking it. She carefully and lovingly kicks Yamada all the way to her apartment building when Kana arrives. Kana gives the piece of gravel a big kick and it comes down into another (or maybe the same) truck of gravel. Chiaki is devastated to lose Yamada and briefly chases the truck before falling and scraping her face. At dinner, she’s depressed and when asked why, she says that Yamada is gone and that its Kana’s fault. Kana swears not to know a Yamada as Haruka gets on to her.

Touma’s middle older brother, Natsuki, was pressured into joining the volleyball club by Hosaka-senpai, though he rarely attends practice, citing the fact that he has to prepare the meals for his family. At lunch one day, Natsuki dumps out some bread products to eat when Hosaka comes by with a bento for him to eat. Hosaka assures him that it means nothing (romantic) as he just wants an outsider to sample it to see if it would be good enough for the Haruka punches Natsukiwoman he loves. While that’s a relief to Natsuki, he tries to play off as if he’s already eaten. Hosaka points to the bread products, which Natsuki says are for later as he proceeds to eat them anyway, not wanting to eat the bento. He comes home to find Akira on the phone taking with Kana about him, which annoys him. The next day at school, he decides to pay Haruka a visit, explaining to Maki and Atsuko that this is because she’s been taking care of Akira and Touma. However, when bringing them together, Maki pushes Natsuki to hard and he face-plants into her breasts. To resolve the situation and allow Haruka to save face, Natsuki allows her to punch him in the nose. So when Hosaka brings the bento over this time, Natsuki eats it, he says its good but he can’t smell the aroma as all he smells is blood.

At the mostly male Minami residence one morning, Natsuki lets the others know that he indeed did meet Haruka but there was trouble, remembering the incident which lead to him getting punched. Since Touma is going over that afternoon, she gets Natsuki to come as well. Touma arrives in the afternoon to find Kana eating cookies and reading a manga which Haruka is face-down on the floor asleep. Kana chalks this up to being lazy and even describes how it Natsuki bleedshappened. She rolls Haruka over to show that Haruka had started undressing as now her shirt is unbuttoned partially and her cleavage and part of her bra is showing. Touma shows Natsuki in while Kana tries to wake the sleeping Haruka, whom she’s moved to the kotatsu. When Haruka finally awakens, Natsuki sees her bosom he face-plants into the kotatsu. Haruka doesn’t realize her exposure and starts to think Natsuki is being rude for face planting, though she does acknowledge that punching him as she did wasn’t nice either. She finally realizes her exposure and gets onto Kana for not telling her. However, Natsuki is bleeding and when Haruka rushes over to give him aid, his other nostril starts bleeding as well when he catches another glimpse at her bosom.

Thoughts: You know, sometimes these little stories are just so much about nothing that they become funny as all get out. Often, I find that as I write the summary, I start giggling again, only much harder because I’m remembering the scene and it is much funnier after I’d seen it once. There was a lot of funny stuff here and it was nice to see Fujioka again.

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