Shakugan no Shana Second 14

灼眼のシャナ II Episode 14

SPOILER Summary: It is approaching midnight when the Reiji Maigo activates to recharge Shana flies with YoshidaYuuji. All that they are waiting for is Shana. The plan is for Yuuji to provide some power to the very weak Pheles so that she can move freely again. However, the Flame Haze are there to ensure Pheles doesn’t harm Yuuji and Margery Daw will use a spell to see what more can be learned from the Reiji Maigo as it does its thing. Shana is late because she stopped by Yoshida’s house to pick her up, feeling she has a right to be there despite Pheles’ previous remarks about Yoshida being a normal human. Flying to the location, Shana tells Yoshida that she’ll confess to Yuuji and both acknowledge they won’t give up.

Shana having arrived with Yoshida, Margery casts her spell and under the very watchful eye of Shana, some power is transfered. Pheles speaks to Johan and causes Shana to get twitchy, but Shana makes Pheles a promiseends up forcing Yuuji away roughly, thus keeping her promise to not harm Yuuji. Margery is able to determine that the Keeper spell on the Reiji Maigo has been changed in a weird way but doesn’t know the cause and doesn’t know the link between that and the Silver. Yoshida does the unexpected and speaks to Pheles, admitting she doesn’t understand the meaning behind the Tomogara, Guze, or Flame Haze, but she does have a request for the woman seeking the man she loves. She wants Pheles to attend the 2nd day of the school festival, noting that when it comes to love, there shouldn’t be a difference if it is human or Tomogara. This touches Pheles and she agrees.

At the school festival, Shana and Yoshida (whom Shana now refers to by her given name Tanaka and Oga on a dateKazumi) travel with Pheles while Wilhelmina and Yuuji observe from a distance. Both Wilhelmina and Tiamat are impressed with Yoshida and even Yuuji notes the change in not only Yoshida, but her relationship with Shana as well. Because they don’t completely trust Pheles, Wilhelmina is essentially guarding Yuuji. Meanwhile also at the festival, Oga and Tanaka are going around together hand in hand when they meet Margery and Sato. Tanaka is uneasy around “Ane-san” but seems to take not of the advice Margery gives him about taking time. She then tells Sato that what Tanaka experience was a big challenge for him.

Meanwhile, as Yoshida and Shana enjoy the festival with Pheles, Wilhelmina tells the story of Johan and Pheles kiss.Pheles and Johan. Despite being a Tomogara, Pheles raised Johan from an infant state. As a young adult, the two were at a festival together and on a roof, Johan confessed to not wanting to ever leave Pheles, saying he’d become a Mystes to do so. He kisses Pheles, completing his confession to her and thus began their love affair with Pheles constructing the Reiji Maigo to ensure that as a Mystes, Johan would never die and thus they could be together forever.

The festival comes to an end and all of the parties involved meet on the roof. Pheles thanks themA silver arm attacks Pheles. all, then casts a Fuzetsu and creates a barrier around Yuuji as the real Pheles descends. Apparently, they’d been communing with a piece of the real Pheles (created through an unrestricted spell) which acted as an avatar for her and let her know the exact location of the Reiji Maigo. Since she apparently can’t get the Reiji Maigo, she’s going to have Johan emerge from it. However, a large, silver arm emerges instead, punching through a shocked Pheles while down on the ground, the bracelets for Konoe and her butler react to this.

Thoughts: So, Pheles was distracting them with the old lizard’s tale trick while the real her comes a calling. Now, Pheles is aware of the entire situation, including the fact that there are three Flame Haze along with the lords they are partnered with and still can’t see past the end of her nose. One would think that she’d want to be cautious in light of the battle she had with Sabrac. What if Sabrac placed a piece of himself in the Reiji Maigo, much as Pheles sent a piece of herself out to find the Reiji Maigo? That would certainly explain the silver flame and the silver arm that emerged from Yuuji.

Interesting how Konoe and her butler’s braclets lit up within the Fuzetsu. Despite apparently being hidden from the Flame Haze (except for appearance), I still think this is Hecate (or at least part of her), though her butler is more of a mystery to me. Still, if true, will Hecate’s experiences as Konoe influence her any? If Pheles is any example, the answer would be no.

Finally, the relationship between Yoshida and Shana continues to be of interest. Even Yuuji noticed that Shana no longer uses the family name “Yoshida” when addressing her rival, but rather her given name of “Kazumi.” The deeper Yoshida gets into this world, the more I wonder if she’ll attempt to become a Flame Haze herself or the like to be with Yuuji.

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