Tsubasa Chronicle 44 – 45

ツバサ・クロニクル 44

SPOILER Summary:
Mokona drops the group on a new world and Kero-chan (from Cardcaptor Sakura) senses their arrival and tries to rush to meet them, but crashes into a tree instead. The group has a meal around the campfire and afterward, Mokona wonders who to sleep with, eventually choosing Syaoran. Not being able to sleep, Mokona communes with Yuuko-san for a bit. The following morning, the group has shrunk in size with only Mokona still at its normal size. Mokona is about to accidentally stomp on the group when Mokona is stopped by Kero-chan. Kero-chan brings them back to his house where they discuss the feather’s arrival and how all humans on the planet have been made small. Mokona and Kero-chan decide to hike the mountain and grab the feather. After a period of time, they make it to the top where they retrieve the feather from a butterfly. Returning the feather to the camp, the group doesn’t return to full size until the next morning. They leave, but Mokona and Kero-chan are now good friends.

Thoughts: HISAKAWA Aya returning to do the voice of Kero-chan? Wow.

More Bee Train “slow down that pace, ya’ll!” stuff though with the hopes you’ll buy the soundtrack.

ツバサ・クロニクル 45

SPOILER Summary:
Mokona returns the group to Koryo Country to find the villagers all up in arms against Chun-yan for her defending Kishim (the woman with the long fingernails that had been held captive). Some of the girls trained in the same magical arts as Chun-yan attack her and she’s rescued by Syaoran. This forces the villagers to retreat. Chun-yan explains that people from Kishim’s world have been attacking the villagers and they are tired of it. For her part, Kishim tries to stop her people but gets attacked for it. Chun-yan, Syaoran and the others find her and she changes shape to a pendant to heal. The group returns to Chun-yan’s home and the following day some head to market to buy supplies but are refused service. A group of villagers go to attack Chun-yan’s home and find Kurogane and Fay there. They attack and Kurogane takes a hit. Chun-yan returns with Sakura and try to bring a stop to things. Kishim revives and opens a portal to her country, where Mokona senses the feather. Syaoran, Kurogane, Chun-yan, and Sorata (a villager) are taken.

Thoughts: *yawn* Lets return to a former world where we’d already picked up the feather, ya’ll cause we need another adventure, ya’ll. Got to have more than one feather on a world, ya’ll and make Mokona dumb as a stump, ya’ll cause why would Mokona sense more than one feather at a time, ya’ll? Buy our soundtrack, ya’ll!

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