Tsubasa Chronicle 48 – 50

ツバサ・クロニクル 48

SPOILER Summary: Mokona deposits the group in mid-air where they fall to the ground. Just before they hit, an energy surrounds them, allowing them to land safely. They hitch a ride with a couple on a cart where they learn this is the land of Tao and that everyone has the senriki power, but the ability to fly like that is a very special ability. They come into town where a group of winged troops flies out from Kunlun Castle. Apparently the king, Chaos-sama, knows of their quest to find Sakura’s feathers and he invites them to the castle. He has a fan constructed from her feathers and in exchange for returning those feathers, he wants to hear of their adventures. There is suspicion, especially from Kurogane, so as a good faith gesture, Chaos gives Sakura the feathers, and she’s out. He then makes a request of them that they take care of a problem for him, a giant bird known as Genkaku. However, to get to where the bird is, there are youkai known as Shiyu that they will also have to deal with. They agree and after a conversation with Yuuko-san, they go out to face the bird. They discover its feathers appear to be Sakura’s feathers. It knocks them to the ground where they are surrounded by the Shiyu. Meanwhile, Sakura sleeps and dreams of Chaos.

Thoughts: Hmmm. I’m not sure but I don’t think Yuuko-san’s White Day gift thread was ever picked back up by the manga.

ツバサ・クロニクル 49

SPOILER Summary: Sakura dreams and recalls a moment when as a young girl, she was rescued by King Chaos, who escorted her back to her residence. Sakura expressed a desire to leave Clow Country to Chaos and made him promise to rescue her if her brother and father forbid her from traveling far away. His price is to be allowed to travel with her as her friend and protector. Meanwhile the boys go to battle but suddenly find themselves separated. Syaoran find himself facing Seishiro, Kurogane his father, and Fay faces Ashura. However, they quickly determine them to be fakes. Back at the castle, Chaos and Sakura go into town for a bit and he tries to convince Sakura to leave the others and travel with him. She refuses, so he places her within a barrier and recalls his shikigami who return to paper cutout form when they reach him. The boys follow and face Chaos as Xing Huo investigates that world to learn the source of a great power that troubles Fei Wong. Kurogane is first, but Chaos not only defeats him in actual sword fighting skill, but in special technique as well. Fay is up next but since he won’t use his magic, he is defeated. Finally it is Syaoran’s turn, who squares off with Chaos over a lengthy musical piece before attacking.

Thoughts: Man, Bee Train sure knows how to take an action moment and fill it with enough filler to feed a 3rd-world nation for a week.

ツバサ・クロニクル 50

SPOILER Summary: Xing Huo observes as Chaos defeats Syaoran and breaks his sword. Despite proving himself superior to them in battle, Sakura does not wish to travel with him. He places her in a trance to make her travel with him and sprouts wings composed of Sakura’s feathers. He is surprised at Syaoran’s attempts to reach Sakura. He’s also surprised when upon opening a gate to travel to another world, he finds her crying even though in a trance. He takes her back to the castle where he talks with her a bit while Syaoran dreams of his counterpart in Fei Wong’s lair. The boys recover with the couple they met in episode 48 but Syaoran is depressed about things and goes off on his own as Kurogane and Fay discuss things. Fay then goes to talk with Syaoran, advising him to not worry about doing things for Sakura, but for himself when it comes to the two of them. Kurogane makes a request of Yuuko-san to have Ginryuu returned to him briefly, but she denies the wish. He’s annoyed, but offers his current sword to Syaoran to get Sakura back with.

Thoughts: These past three episodes could have easily been compressed into two episodes. But filler is filler. It is amusing how little the anime writers understood the CLAMP story based on their own interpretation of how things should progress but then that’s to be expected I guess.

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