Negima! Vol 21 (Ch 191) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 21 Chapter 191

SPOILER Summary: Chisame, recounting her journey as “Chiu-tan” starting from 37-hours before, is typing her experiences in the jungle into her laptop. However, she cannot upload her stuff to her website, which her electronic mice sprites remind her of. In addition to the Calorie Mate she had in her robe, all she has is her laptop, cell phone, and her critters, all of which she finds useless in the jungle. The mice protest, reminding her they found the cave for her shelter and that they are company.

Chisame recalls the events at the gate port where the Forced Transmission spell was cast. Initially Chachamaru had Chisame but in her attempt to grab Negi, she got separated from Chisame, something Chisame promises to remember. They are still 310KM to the nearest settlement and Chisame is not happy to have to trek through that much jungle. She’s also frustrated because Negi had promised to protect her if something happened.

The mice do their best to navigate Chisame around all possible dangers, meaning their progress is slow. Unfortunately, because the mice rely on the power of her electronic devices, they have nearly exhausted that energy source. Using the last bit of power, the mouse named “Negi” draws an arrow on a piece of paper pointing the current direction of the town, but of course if she moves the paper, it is immediately inaccurate making it unusable. The mice vanish and she’s left alone.

Night falls in the jungle and Chisame needs a safe place to sleep. She again thinks back to Negi’s promise to protect her and with a sudden fierce determination, she decides that she’ll not only get out of the jungle alive and without help, she’ll get back to the school as well, after which she will humiliate Negi. However, a large tentacle beast emerges and grabs her, its slime dissolving her clothing and making her concerned of something far worse that being consumed as a meal happening (a “perversion”). With her clothing mostly gone, she screams out for Negi-sensei to save her at which point Chachamaru arrives with a dual-bladed arm to stab the beast. Negi catches the mostly naked Chisame and the creature gets away.

Chisame is upset and begins wailing on Negi, telling them they were late. Chachamaru explains the delays but Chisame doesn’t want to hear it. She even accuses Chachamaru of making out with Negi.

Thoughts: Ah, got to get some more sexual jokes in here, this time with the dread tentacle beast, which long-time anime fans will know seemed to be a staple of hentai stuff years ago (no clue how it stacks today other than it is still well known in Japanese fandom). I like Chisame’s mice. And Chachamaru does appear to be able to shape-shift her arms into weapons because now she had two blades. That is a nifty ability.

So now we have one member found and another one should be nearby.

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