Dirty Pair 04

ダーティペア Episode 04
Dirty Pair 04

SPOILER Summary:

Dirty Pair 04Yuri comes home as people in her complex complain about the latest destruction Dirty Pair has caused. Kei is watching female wresting and the tag-team group Elegance (Elagants?) while doing some repair work in their apartment. They get summoned for a case where a pink cat named Guillaume de Malatesta XIII has gone missing. The scientist in charge of the project says the cat has been given an agent to make it stronger. Said agent could make humans strong enough to destroy buildings. The cat is thought not to be kidnapped since it has been spotted alone and has raided several cake shops for cheesecake. The scientist’s sister comes by, who happens to be Ren-san, one of the female wrestlers Kei was watching earlier.

Dirty Pair 04The computer gives Kei and Yuri the likely next two cake shops to be hit. So they got to said shops where Kei indulges herself. She notices a basket where a cat peeks out to get some food. Its not the right cat, but then a pink cat emerges and steals some cheesecake before making an escape in close pursuit by Kei on a bike, who’s also pursued by some gangster types. Kei reports to Yuri, who jumps on her bike with Mughi. The chase goes through a wedding where the cat leaps into the back of the convertible with the newlyweds and ultimately ends up at a nice hotel. Kei bursts in on the couple where the new bride thinks that Kei’s there for her man. The cat gets away and when Yuri busts in a little later, the bride has had enough and says she’s leaving her husband.

Dirty Pair 04The chase continues and Yuri and Kei hook up. Yuri asks if Kei knows about the limo pursuing her, which she does, but she feels they are after the cat. They end up at the Hair Bank, where they get shown down to the vaults, where they see the cat go down to. They try to get the vault open that has the cat in it, but the employees aren’t allowed and further have no idea about 3WA or “Lovely Angels.” So they do it the hard way by pulling their weapons. They get the cat as the employees alert the police. However, the gangsters have rigged an underground train to crash into the vault. They want the cat very badly. However, Kei and Yuri give them a beating and they try to flee, only to run into an overwhelming number of cops. They come up behind the thugs, but seeing the cops, they pretend to be victims of the thugs and are let out until the employees ID them, forcing the two to steal a cop car to chase the cat again.

Dirty Pair 04The chase has the cops and now the Elegance team joins the chase for the cat. It ends when the road ends with many cars going onto a section of bridge that is being held by a helicopter-like craft to be added to the road. Yuri and Kei run around chasing the cat while the cops go back and forth in their cars trying to stabilize the section. Once they get the cat, they then have to fight both members of Elegance. In the end, they get the cat and make an escape to return to the scientist. However, he points out that the pink cat they brought to him is male and Malatesta is a female cat. Elsewhere, Mughi has a small pink cat with stolen cheesecake on the beach.

Thoughts/Review: Tedious. Seriously, 3WA is a big cop-like organization. Flashing ID should have made things OK for the bank, but even more so for the cops. I guess having everyone chase DP was supposed to be funny, but it wasn’t. Having the Elegance members named “Ran-san” and “Jelly-san,” well…^_^;;; Finding out the girls code-names of 234K & 234Y was about the only thing interesting. Oh well.

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