Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino- 03

ガンスリンガー・ガール -イル・テアトレーノ- Ep. 03

SPOILER Summary: Triela gets ready for her mission in her room while Hilshire gets briefed Hilshireon their mission, having already learned of it from his boss at Section II. One of the members from the Public Safety Division, Cohen, was in the town of Montalcino looking for an assassin working for Padania (Five Republics Faction) named Pinocchio. Jeremiah, one of men in the room, says that he can take the job if Hilshire wants to punt, but Hilshire says that Triela can do it. With that, Hilshire and Triela are off to Montalcino.

Once they arrive in this small town, Triela is afraid they’ll stand out, but Hilshire isn’t worried Trielaand compliments her on her suit. He takes her to a nice cafe where they have lunch with wine. Over lunch, Hilshire gives Triela more details of their mission and she asks why they are even there searching for someone. He’s not sure why they were picked to look for a missing agent from another division, but Hilshire is aware that this could be a trap set by another agency to bring down Section II. However, he’s not worried about it because of his ally, meaning Triela.

They head to the hotel where Cohen was supposedly staying and Hilshire finds the name Hilshire and TrielaNicholas Cambio, which is Cohen’s real name. A bribe to the clerk gets them the key to Cohen’s room, which is empty. Hilshire finds the imprint on a notepad of what might be a phone number or address, so he leaves Triela to pick the lock of Cohen’s suitcase while he tracks it down. She does and among his clothing, she finds the book “Pinocchio,” where she sits to read the summary and then tosses it aside as a stupid book.

Outside, young Aurora carries a basket of food and comes to the place where Pino (Pinocchio) Triela and Auroralives. She’s hesitant, based on Pino’s last conversation with her and thus Triela finds her. Triela says she’s looking for a Massimo, though Aurora’s use of the name “Pino” sets a flag. Aurora tells Triela that Massimo rarely is there and that Pino lives there now. Triela manages to plant a bug in the food that Aurora bought before taking off. Triela returns to the room where Hilshire has set up a listening post and she gets ready for action.

Meanwhile, Aurora enters the residence, which seems empty. She comes to a living room where Aurorashe sees evidence of people being there. She sets the food down and uncovers an automatic pistol, which she picks up. Franca discovers Aurora and thinks this might be the little girl assassins they’ve heard about. She orders the frightened Aurora to put the gun down, which she doesn’t do due to fear. Franco disarms the girl and Pinocchio comes in and ID’s her as a neighbor girl. Hilshire and Triela hear this and when the little girl starts begging for help from Pino, which isn’t coming, Hilshire sends Triela to rescue the girl.

Pinocchio says he’s going to kill Aurora now that she’s seen what’s going on there. However, Franca won’t hear of it, reminding him of her policy on killing. Pinocchio doesn’t put his knife Franca and Auroradown, so Franco pulls a gun on him to enforce Franca’s will. Triela, with her shotgun, orders the group to drop their weapons. However, Franco and Pinocchio quickly split while Franca takes the bound Aurora to escape. A gun battle ensues and Pinocchio races up the stairs to the 2nd level where Triela is. Franco escapes and Pinocchio uses his knife to disarm Triela. They fight hand to hand and Triela scores his pendant. She tries to get the drop on him with her hand gun, but again, she’s disarmed and ultimately knocked out. Pinocchio goes to shoot her, but remembers the little girl from his first mission and suddenly he can’t shoot, so he leaves.

Hilshire catches the fleeing Franca with Aurora. Hilshire ID’s himself as the police and Franca Franca and Hilshirelets Aurora go, who quickly flees behind Hilshire (who’s behind Franca). She holds her gun out as instructed, but as he goes to take it, she lets it go and chops him in the arm, and thus escapes. He shoots, then gives chase. However, Franca soon comes into contact with Franco and Hilshire’s outgunned. They make it to the convertible where they are joined by Pinocchio and they leave town.

Meanwhile, Hilshire comes upon the unconscious Triela. When she comes round, he informs her Trielathat the villains got away, but they saved Aurora and they are still alive. Triela is upset at having been defeated in combat. Hilshire tries to console her, but she won’t be comforted, especially after seeing he’s been injured. She cries, wondering what the purpose of it all was if she was going to be beaten despite having a cybernetic body. Elsewhere, Franca, Franco, and Pinocchio plan where they should go to.

Thoughts: Gah. I felt so bad for Aurora. Poor girl. At least she didn’t die like I feared she would. That’s the kind of stuff that makes this series so hard for me to watch. I was glad that Hilshire sent Triela to save Aurora though even though it nearly cost Triela her life. I was surprised that Triela got beaten, but that too puts a human face on these government assassins. I guess Pinocchio will pay for his not killing Triela by dying next week (or whenever his arc ends).

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