Ah! My Goddess Ch. 228 *SPOILERS*

ああっ女神さまっVolume 36 Chapter 228

Summary: Having cleaned up the joint, Megumi still isn’t feeling well and knows they haven’t solved anything. So she decides to get some fresh air. At the entryway, she finds that the only pair of shoes that are a different size are hers. However, if that’s the case, then where are the other three girl’s shoes? Keiichi joins her and puts on a pair of shoes that fits him and she asks him about the other women not having shoes. She also remembers the strange wind and wonders if those women aren’t human. Belldandy, holding a glass of water, hears this and wonders if it is odd not having shoes or not being human.

Megumi goes for a walk on the grounds and wonders why when she looks at “that” person, she feels at ease, why she sneezed when she looked at the sun. Welsper the cat comes home and sees Banpei-kun offline and Sigel reporting memory errors. He wonders why they are in that condition. He continues in and sees Urd and Skuld and realizes from their conversation that they’ve lost their memories. Keiichi sees the cat talk and starts throwing stuff at it. Urd and Skuld join in but Welsper stops them by telling them he knows who they are. He feeds them some lies and states that Urd and K1 are lovers, Skuld is his servant, and K1 is his fiancee.

Welsper has a reluctant Skuld give him a shoulder massage and wants Belldandy to address him as “beloved” (translated term). However, this is something she can’t do.

Thoughts: We hadn’t seen Welsper in a long time. Ditto Banpei-kun and Sigel, though they only got cameos. I’d like it if Megumi knows who the megami are when this story is over but somehow, I expect everything to be back to normal when all is said and done.

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