Keroro Gunsou 30

ケロロ軍曹 Episode 30

SPOILER Summary: Tamama is training as Momoka and her butler Paul watch. A pod comes down hard on their property and within is Tamama’s kouhai (underclassman, the opposite of Tamama in trouble.senpai“) Taruru arrives. Seeing Paul and Momoka, he recognizes them from Tamama’s descriptions of a “cold-hearted cyborg” and “evil beast woman. Naturally, Paul and Momoka are offended. It’s off to the Hinata residence where Taruru continues the insults to the faces of all he meets, based on what he’d been told by Tamama, to include the members of the platoon. When it comes time to meet Sgt. Keroro, Tamama is afraid that he’ll be found out by Taruru. However, they find Keroro seated at a bar with a wig, acting cold and aloof and refusing to sign an autograph for Taruru, who thinks that’s very cool. After they leave, Keroro returns to normal, where it seems he was doing some play-acting with Moa. Meanwhile, after seeing Taruru off, all of the human and alien insulted parties are there to get back at Tamama.

Next, Momoka has her people calculate her compatibility with Fuyuki-kun. The results aren’t good, so she’s off to train to be more adult-like physically. Tamama discovers this and she makes Keroro hocks goodshim swear secrecy. Naturally, he tells Keroro, who decides he has a new plan to take over Pekopon (Earth). This involves selling Momoka a product to give her what she wants. After Keroro takes her through a list of products, including a spoon that turns her into a giant, she settles on a snack containing the DNA of Fuyuki’s mother Aki, who is very adult-like, especially in the chest area. The following day, the newly improved Momoka sees Fuyuki, but sadly, he thinks it is his mother in cosplay with dyed hair. Considering Paul also tried this food and has been modified, both now hope that the results aren’t permanent. Meanwhile, Keroro takes all the money they earned and buys a ton of Gundam models.

Thoughts: It has been a long while since I last watched an episode of this series. It had started off strong and given me a lot of good laughs before kinda fading for me. But, since I need to work through more episodes, I figured I’d do one now. I seem to remember both stories, so I’m guessing they were adapted manga stories. Both were enjoyable, but no real laughs though.

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