Dirty Pair 03

ダーティペア Episode 03
Dirty Pair 03

SPOILER Summary:

Dirty Pair 03Kei is pissed that her and Yuri’s vacation has been scrapped so they can be sent to the gambling planet Vega to retrieve a stolen legendary poker chip from the head of the King Syndicate, Carello Carpenti Heir de King. They are dressed the part of rich women and enter the casino, though their transport is somewhat lacking due to needing space to carry Mughi. They soon run into Sydney, who is in the syndicate. After asking about King, Kei bets him dinner that they will soon be accepted and known by King. They find King at a high stakes table playing Blackjack. Yuri is seated and places a 30,000 credit wager on a hand against King. Kei is excited about wining 60,000 credits but is not happy when Yuri loses. However, when the girls get an invite to King’s mansion, Kei sees the light.

Dirty Pair 03Sydney takes them by limo to the mansion, crashing through hedges in a maze to get to the mansion as there are many security traps. Mughi and Namo, who’d been following in the “van” find the vehicle destroyed and they have to make their way on foot. Sydney shows Kei and Yuri to a room where he gives them a quick pat-down for weapons. He sees Kei’s unusual necklace but allows her to keep it. Meanwhile, King discovers the true identities of Kei and Yuri and so has entertainment planned for his rich guest. He has a giant come into the room to work on the pair, but using their wits and missed devices, they overcome him and knock out the surveillance cameras.

Dirty Pair 03Kei and Yuri run into Sydney, whom they knew was helping them since he allowed their hidden gear to get through. Mughi and Namo get inside and take control of the security systems, but Sydney says that the security around the chip is on an independent system. Kei goes to take care of that while Yuri positions herself to get the chip. However, this causes a self-destruction device to be activated and Yuri finds that she has to try to get the chip when there are many others in the room looking for it. She gets it and runs into the old woman tarot card reader who advices King before getting out.

Dirty Pair 03Kei and Yuri meet up as the mansion explodes. They discover the chip they have is a fake. However, they go to the spaceport where Kei waits for Sydney to arrive, which he does, looking much different. Shows up behind him with a gun and retrieves the real chip. Sydney had staged everything so he could get the chip and not return it to the museum. In addition to being Sydney, he was the old lady as well. He asks for one more chance with the chip to make a heads-or-tails bet with Kei. She agrees and as he palms the chip, he flips a fake. Losing the toss, he hands them the fake and leaves. However, on the space ship, he discovers he has the fake and Kei still has the real one.

Thoughts/Review: I watched this thing and it seemed a mostly pointless adventure, mainly due to the poor setup. It wasn’t until the end that I realized that the reason Dirty Pair had gone on this mission was to return the chip to a museum. Oh well.

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    I just noticed that you started using mouse-over titles for your pictures. When did you start doing that?

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