New “Slayers” TV series

New “Slayers” TV series

ANN is reporting that the latest issue of Dragon Magazine is going to announce on page 24 the creation of a NEW Slayers TV series. I found this quote to be of interest.

Slayers - Goury - Lina Inverse

The official Hajime Kanzaka Fan Club has confirmed (link defunct) the news and added that the project will feature an anime-exclusive story, split across two cours (two seasons of three months).

So, a new, 2-season show (24 to 26 total episodes I’d guess). That would indicate that the anime will be all original, as in the case of Slayers Try. The seiyuu cast hasn’t been announced yet, but here’s hoping HAYASHIBARA Megumi is back as Lina.

I’ll work on finding some scans of the magazine. Hopefully this won’t be the “bleh” that the movie news turned into. ^_~

Update: Someone has posted some small, LQ images of the Dragon Magazine, which can be seen here (link defunct).

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