Shakugan no Shana Second 16

灼眼のシャナ II Episode 16

SPOILER Summary: As cleanup after the school festival continues, the costumes worn by Shana-tachiShana, Konoe-san, and the others are looked at again and talked about. However, no one, save those who have been dealing with the Flame Haze, can remember the wearer of Konoe’s costume. Shana explains it is because Konoe’s existence has been removed. This seems to effect Yoshida and Yuuji the most, with Yuuji recalling the events with the Silver and with Johan.

At Seireiden, Hecate returns the bracelet used by Konoe to Bel Peol, who then returns it to her Silver Armorchain link. Bel Peol asks about their mission and Fecor reports they were unable to translocate the Reiji Maigo. Bel Peol is not concerned about that and indeed Dantalion is happy about this as he can gather more information. Hecate activates a blue flame and the silver armor ignites in (silver?) flame. The two flames reach out to each other in a line, then Hecate appears to send all of the engery into the armor. What appear to be multiple eyes emerge through the open face plate and the armor moves some. This meets with Bel Peol’s approval.

Back at school, Yuuji is spacing out as he works with Yoshida, Shana, and Tanaka to clean up. Determined YoshidaSato comes by, telling them of a meeting called for by Margery Daw, who wants to examine Yuuji further. Yoshida looks depressed and Sato says she doesn’t have to go if she doesn’t want to. However, she recalls her talk with Pheles and the Hougu she received and is determined to come, which meets with Shana’s approval. Yoshida walks off and remembers what Pheles said to her. The Hougu will summon Pheles, but at the cost of the summoner’s life. Pheles wants to be summoned should something happen to the Mystes, Yuuji.

At the meeting, everyone but Tanaka attends, who comes to the house, but then walks away. Margery does her scan of Yuuji and Marchosias comments on how the Bal Masqué managed to Yuuji scannedput one over on three Flame Haze. Alastor remarks on how they’d been suspicious of Konoe and yet still made the blunder. Sato wonders about it all, especially since Konoe had been a part of their group of friends. Margery finishes her scans and says there is another seal on the Reiji Maigo on top of the Keeper spell. That seal is a transmitter of sorts. Pheles’ attempt to summon Johan summoned the Silver which was not what Bal Masqué wanted. However, after the Silver was resealed back within the Reiji Maigo, Johan was able to appear using the power and spell from Margery.

The Bal Masqué are still after the Reiji Maigo, so Wilhelmina will continue to research, Shana will continue to protect Yuuji, and Margery will do her thing. Margery comments on how things are focused in Misaki City, which Alastor agrees with. In addition to the Flame Haze, there are all the powerful Tomogara who seem to be drawn to this city. Alastor figures that the city may be such that it just draws in tragedy and the like.

The following day, Shana and Yoshida are outside Yuuji’s home where Yuuji’s father is about to leave. They say their goodbyes and Yuuji’s mother and father leave. Yuuji and Shana take their leave of Yoshida as Yuuji has some things to discuss with Shana and Wilhelmina. Yoshida walks Shana and Yoshidahome and ponders her position, wanting to be where Yuuji and Shana are. She looks at the Hougu given her by Pheles and recalls more of their conversation. Pheles tells her that if she truly wants to be here in their world, she’ll use the Hougu as only the strong can be there. Yoshida is snapped out of it by Ogata and the two walk together. They come to the place where Konoe had helped the bird and Yoshida asks if Ogata really doesn’t remember Konoe. Ogata doesn’t know what she’s talking about, proving that she can’t remember who Konoe is, so Yoshida drops the subject.

Wilhelmina provides a ton of materials that she wants Yuuji to sort through for their relevance. He and Shana work on this as Wilhelmina types up a report. Yuuji asks Shana for the vampire Yuuji's worksword Blutsauger, the one that the Tomogara Aizenji had used in the first series. Yuuji’s reasoning is that he wants to be able to do something and have the strength to do it. Shana asks Alastor, who agrees that this might be a wise course of action. Wilhelmina tries to figure out the ulterior motive for Hecate’s visit since she wouldn’t do it just to put a seal on the Reiji Maigo.

Meanwhile Hecate does her thing up in Seireiden and the silver armor comes to life and Bel Peol turns matters over to Dantalion.

Margery Daw and Marchosias talk about the research that will need to be done to obtain the true identity of the Silver, to say nothing of removing the seals and killing the Silver. However, Margery has no plans of leaving the area now that she’s found her nemesis.

Yoshida continues to walk and reflect on things, knowing she needs power to be able to stand Yuuji's big swordwhere Shana and Yuuji are. However, to use the Hougu, she’d disappear while Yuuji and Shana remain. She doesn’t want to die or the like and so takes off the Hougu. She’s going to toss it off the bridge when a Fuzetsu appears. She moves through it and sees that Yuuji is training with Shana on using the giant sword. She thinks back to Pheles’ words about if Yoshida truly wants to be here, she’ll use the Hougu.

Back outside Seireiden, Hecate stands on a balcony and silently looks out. A bird flies around her Hecateand she doesn’t seem to notice until it lands on her hands. When the bird flies away, she has a reaction to that.

Thoughts: The new OP theme doesn’t do much for me. I liked the harder rock tune from the first part of the series.

Story-wise, the cross that Yoshida had is a Hougu that will summon Pheles. It appears that while it will kill Yoshida, it will also make her stronger. Considering that Johan died in order to become a Mystes to be with Pheles, I’m guessing the same would happen with Yoshida, or rather something similar.

It was interesting that Hecate reacted the way she did to the bird. We were reminded of how Konoe interacted with birds and it would be neat if Hecate were able to draw upon the memories and experiences of Konoe to make better choices.

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