Keroro Gunsou 34

Keroro Gunsou 34
ケロロ軍曹 Episode 34

SPOILER Summary:

Momoka has her fortune done which points to love with Fuyuki and an onsen trip. As such, she arranges to take a trip with Fuyuki to the local shopping district where a lottery is going on. The grand prize is for an onsen trip for three plus one and Fuyuki is given a free ticket. He’s reluctant to play, but Momoka says otherwise and he wins the grand prize. She’s expecting that he’ll invite her. Instead, when Natsumi and Koyuki-chan arrive, Natsumi suggest inviting Koyuki and Fuyuki agrees.

Keroro Gunsou 34

Momoka vows not to give up and makes a call to the Hinata home with a voice disguiser, pretending to be Koyuki canceling joining them and suggesting Momoka. Momoka arrives in her helicopter but Koyuki does as well and she denies making a cancellation call. Kururu decides that the only fair wait to resolve the dispute of who will go is to award the ticket to the one who can get it. Koyuki uses her ninja skills while Momoka uses technology. However, the battle ends up destroying the spare ticket. However, Hinata-san arrives and as Natsumi and Fuyuki’s mother, she pays for extra tickets for everyone to come and enjoy the onsen.

Keroro Gunsou 34

It’s a Sunday and Fuyuki remembers he has supplemental lessons. As such he takes off to head to school. He finds an old, blocked-off road and decides to take it. Meanwhile, Keroro accidentally breaks Natsumi’s favorite mug and so flees the home. When his hover scooter crashes, he ends up at the same place as Fuyuki. Together, the walk down this old road, where Fuyuki remembers things like an old restaurant they used to go to as kids, the old barber shop, where he had a crush on the barbers daughter (and whom he briefly sees again before they flee the area) and more. As such, Fuyuki and Keroro have a nice walk.

Keroro Gunsou 34


The first story I remember from the manga. While in essence the same story, there were several elements that had been modified. When I recently re-read the manga chapter, I’d forgotten that Koyuki was battling because she wanted some Natsumi yuri loving. ^_^;

The second was what I thought to be an anime original and wasn’t bad, but nothing to write home about. While recently re-reading the manga, I discovered that the anime writers took some pieces of a chapter and modified them for the anime.


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  2. Samuel Lawiet says:

    thank you, now I know the last episode that I watched

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Man, I haven’t watched this in forever. And I never finished the old fansubs (which never finished the series).

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