Shakugan no Shana Second 22

灼眼のシャナ II Episode 22

SPOILER Summary: Sabrac is alive and reporting to Bel Peol in Seireiden. He has accomplished the mission he was hired to perform, but regrets he was unable to take out the three Flame Haze. Bel Peol is not concerned with that and orders the next thing to begin as Hecate and Sydonay observe Dantalion start with the silver armor still the focus of their work. Sabrac leaves Seireiden while on Earth, Sato is determined to join Outlaw and to that end, has decided to call his estranged (?) father. At school, Ike sees the differences in Sato, Tanaka, Oga, Yoshida, Shana, but especially Yuuji. As such, he decides he needs to change and grow as well

Walking home, Yuuji and Shana are met by Yuuji’s father Kantaro-san. Shana goes to Yuuji’s home to visit Chigusa while Yuuji and his father walk. Kantaro reveals that Chigusa is pregnant and so wants Yuuji’s permission to use the Kanji for the character “san” (three). Apparently Yuuji had a twin brother who died, thus why Kantaro and Chigusa picked the name “Yuuji” — “Second (child) who shall live long.” Yuuji is happy to hear this story and gives permission to his father to use the Kanji for “three.”

Shana and Yoshida meet and Shana wants Yoshida to teach her how to make a baby. She’d made the request of Yuuji’s family, but they told her it wasn’t appropriate to ask them. Yoshida tells Shana that she’ll tell her, but that being asked like this in public is more embarrassing than Shana being naked in front of Yoshida. Hearing this shocks Shana. The topic changes and Shana reveals her plan to force Yuuji to choose between herself and Yoshida. Shana suggests a letter but the paper and envelope she’s chosen is not appropriate for a love letter. So, Yoshida takes Shana into town and they buy appropriate stationary, then head to a restaurant to work on their letter together. The difference in what they write is that Shana states that on Christmas Eve, she’ll be be at the north entrance of the Misaki Station and Yoshida will be on the south entrance. They then deliver the letters to Yuuji’s balcony.

Ike is walking and having consulted with Sato about moving forward, he runs into Yoshida on the street. He tells her he wants to meet with her on Christmas Eve (the following day). She says that’s OK providing its early enough. She then reveals her and Shana’s Christmas Eve plans for Yuuji. He finds his timing perfect since what he wants to tell her is his feelings for her. That night, Yoshida wonders why now of all times is Ike suddenly wanting to discuss his feelings. She finally understands that he must have been interested in her all this time.

Meanwhile Shana tells Wilhelmina her plans to force Yuuji to chose. This does not meet with Wilhelmina’s approval. She has grave concerns that even if Yuuji choses Shana, he’ll still be concerned with Yoshida. Their argument gets heated until Tiamat shuts them up. Shana retreats to her room and and Wilhelmina and Tiamat talk a bit, where Wilhelmina realizes that Alastor’s silence basically means that he approves of what Shana’s planning. So, Wilhelmina comes to Shana’s room and makes amends with Shana, even helping Shana prepare for her big evening.

Yoshida meets with Ike, who confesses his love for Yoshida. He tells her not to say anything, but to make her choice by either following him or going into town and waiting to see whom Yuuji picks. He turns and walks away, so Yoshida deeply bows, then turns and walks to town. She reaches her destination and Shana does the same. Yuuji arrives and sees the “North/South” sign. However, before he can make a decision, he’s in a blue Fuzetsu with a determined-looking Hecate before him. She extracts the Reiji Maigo, causing Yuuji to scream. This scream is not only heard by Shana and Yoshida, but also Margery, Sato, and Wilhelmina.

Thoughts: So, Sabrac lived. I should have known. So, he was simply part of a bigger plan which Hecate is going to the next phase by apparently taking the Reiji Maigo from Yuuji. Two more episodes to see where they take that.

Poor Ike, being rejected by Yoshida. I wonder how he’ll take it. I also wonder whom Yuuji will chose. I guess it would be Shana and then maybe Yoshida would use the Hougu. I think in the end, she would choose that path to support Shana and Yuuji.

I had thought that maybe the Tomogara were responsible for Chigusa’s illness, but I guess it was her pregnancy. Interesting that Yuuji was a twin and his twin is dead. Yuuji being dead as well makes that story more tragic to me.

I do have a comment on some of the character designs. There were some distant shots where Shana, Wilhelmina, and Yuuji looked awful. I’m not sure what happened there, but it was distracting.

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2 Responses to “Shakugan no Shana Second 22”

  1. Hugh Roe says:

    Well, I guess turning Yuuji into a “normal” torch is one way to end the show.

    As a couple wonder why they were thinking of using the kanji 3 in the name of their second child, as Ike and Yoshida try to remember why she walked away from him once. And as certain Flame Haze starts devoting her life to hunting Hecate.

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    That would be kind of depressing to me, but you are right. It is one way to go.

    I’ve been expecting Yoshida to use the Houga from Pheles and saving Yuuji might be just the time to do so. I don’t believe she’d “die” in the “no more Yoshida,” but she’d also become a Mystes like Yuuji and Johan had. That’s what I’m sorta hoping happens. It allows the story, as currently structured, to continue and gives Yoshida better footing as she’d now be a Mystes and not a human.

    ‘Twill be interesting to see where this goes.

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